Flemington Foci


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Through a growth mindset, working together, we will increase student achievement and engagement by identifying and incorporating intentional and focused teaching and learning opportunities. We will incorporate global competencies, culturally relevant pedagogy, through character and social justice education as means to accomplish this goal. We believe in ourselves and the Flemington Community!


Flemington will be a stable, sustainable place of positivity, resiliency and where self-satisfaction can be achieved. It will be a place where people want to come because they have relationships, feel safe, they belong, are cared for and can learn and grow in a supportive, equitable and inclusive environment.


At Flemington, we will treat everyone with dignity and respect.  We will acknowledge our similarities and differences, challenge our biases and assumptions as we build a collective awareness of anti-black racism, anti-indigenours and anti-oppression.  We will identify, name and interrupt systemic barriers and discriminatory practices to promote student success and achievement as they are at the heart and centre of all that we do.