EcoSchool Timeline

EcoSchools Timeline

Outline your key goals for the year below (e.g., start energy monitoring). Review your last EcoSchools audit report for ideas on next steps and be sure to keep your goals manageable.

Goal 1: continue to focus on putting garbage in the right spot and using green bins correctly inside and outside of the school (litter in the yard).

Goal 2: Conduct a school wide campaign to take the straws out of juice boxes

Goal 3: Conduct a school wide campaign to use juice boxes instead of tetra packs

Use the timeline below to block out time for your key goals and see if what you want to accomplish is manageable. If one month seems overloaded think about how you could shift a project or do less. Include activities that have become a tradition in your school (e.g., Earth Hour); events connected to important program requirements (e.g., waste audit), and important deadlines for new projects

Not sure how to meet your goals? Turn the page for a step by step breakdown of what you need to consider before embarking on a new goal. Note: This is not a requirement.













EcoSchools kick-offs National Forest Week


-Begin Lights out monitoring, Blue Box collectors, Green Bin Collectors


-iWalk to School Day/Week/Month


-Walk to school Wednesdays contest


-Individual lights out signs for classes that need a reminder


- Take Me Outside Day

- Waste Audit

Halloween Clean (Yard cleanup)  


-Where does it go Sorting Kit (create Primary and Junior kits; circulate to classrooms)

- monitor Monsters

Dec. 15th: EcoSchools registration deadline


- Distribute monitor monsters

Middle Schools conferences


-Bird feeders

-National Sweater day posters and announcements  Feb 2

-Energy Walkabout

National Sweater Day February 5th


-Winter Walk Day:

Wednesday February 23rd

(stickers for walkers, announcements)

-Recycling tickets

- Smartboard monitor reminders













Earth Hour March 24th

-World Water Day MARCH 22nd

-Begin indoor planting


April 15th: Online certification application due Earth Day/Week


-Earth week contest (whole school)

Yard Clean up


Auditing for certification


Bike Focus: bike to school day, bike safety


Eco Owls table at Spring Fair


Kindergarten Planting

Auditing for certification World Environment Day


Sun Safety announcements


Summer stewardship


Summer stewardship