Weather Guidelines

Weather Guidelines



Occasionally, severe weather conditions may require the Toronto District School Board to cancel transportation and close schools. This may occur before the beginning of the school day or, if conditions become severe, during the school day. To ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff during school hours, the Board’s Severe Weather operational procedures will guide decisions and operations.

The safety and welfare of students is a shared responsibility with parents and guardians. It is important for everyone to understand how the Board operates under unusual weather conditions. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures and communication plan so together we can ensure the safety of the students entrusted in our care.

  • Keeping Your Child Safe: In the event of severe weather conditions, please keep children at home if possible.
  • Decision to Close Schools: The decision to close schools is made by the Director of Education.

School Closures and Cancellation of Transportation Services Before the Opening of Schools:

Closure of schools or cancellation of transportation services will be announced from 6:30 a.m. onward on the following stations:

AM Radio FM Radio TV .COM

  • FAN 590
  • AM 640
  • CFTR 680
  • CFRB 1010
  • CHUM 1050
  • JACK 92.5
  • CHFI 98.1
  • CBC 99.1
  • VIRGIN 99.9
  • CFNY 102.1
  • CHUM 104.5
  • Q107
  • Z103.5
  • EZ ROCK 97.3
  • FLOW 93.5
  • The Weather Network
  • CP24
  • CTV

Information on closure of schools and cancellation of transportation services will be posted on the TDSB website at

School Closures or Bus Schedule Changes During the School Day:

Should schools close during the school day or transportation schedules change, announcements will be broadcast on the radio stations above by 12 noon and posted on the TDSB website. If there is no announcement and posting about schools closing before 12 noon, schools will remain open for the day.

  • Child Pick-up: Please be prepared to pick up your child or make arrangements for your child, if required, should schools close early or if transportation schedules are advanced.
  • Arrangements for Students:
    • For students in JK – Grade 5, parents will be notified and suitable arrangements for the child’s safety will be made.
    • For students in Grade 6 to 12, parents are required to designate in writing if the student is to be dismissed early or to remain at school to be picked up. This form (PR519A) is to be completed in September.
    • Students over 18 may use their discretion when to leave.
  • The Principal’s Responsibility: Principals will provide supervision for all students whose parents or guardians have not been contacted or who have not previously indicated in writing their intentions during severe weather conditions. Students will remain inside the school until they have been picked up.
  • Contacting Parents and Guardians: Please ensure that your school has an emergency number where you, or a responsible adult to whom you are willing to entrust the care of your child, can be contacted.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions or comments you would wish to make, please telephone the school.

Bus Companies

  • Stock West 416-244-5341
  • Stock North 416-757-0565
  • First Student Canada Etobicoke 905 629-8200
  • McCluskey 416-246-1422
  • Attridge 905-855-7771
  • Dignity 416-398-2222
  • Wheelchair Accessible 416-884-9898

Recess and Lunch Procedures During Inclement Weather

Children need an opportunity to get exercise and free play time outdoors, however, weather conditions sometimes warrant that indoor recesses, lunch periods and pre-entry periods be considered necessary for student and staff safety. Conditions warranting indoor recesses

  1. Rain, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, extreme winds and extreme cold.
  2. Cold weather: When temperature and/or windchill factor indicates -28C or lower children will remain indoors due to risk of frostnip and frostbite.
    When temperature and/or windchill factor indicates –20 to –28C, recesses may be shortened to 10 minutes and lunch recess be 20 minutes depending on local conditions. Children should be monitored closely for signs of frostnip, frostbite or difficulty breathing.
  3. Humidity, Heat and Smog Alerts: The City of Toronto issues heat alerts and heat emergencies based on the daily forecast from May to September. Alerts are posted on the Web site or by calling (416) 338-7600. Staff and students should be vigilant about their level of activity and should take frequent breaks for water in order to remain adequately hydrated.

Other conditions:

Weather conditions change during the day. When necessary and if the weather is questionable, the school principal will consult the Environment Canada’s or Toronto Public Health Web sites for information.
Any staff member may voice weather concerns to the principal for consideration prior to the next scheduled recess.
During extreme weather conditions, parents and students may wait inside the south east entrance up to 15 minutes prior to the entry or dismissal bells.