Learning Skills and Work Habits Look- Fors


Acquiring the skills that will enable me to act independently and to be accountable for my decisions and actions so that I can achieve my  potential as a life-long learner.

I am responsible when I...

  • Come to class prepared with all necessary materials.
  • Follow rules and routines independently.
  • Complete work thoroughly and on time.
  • Take care of my classroom, school,and community environments.
  • Take ownership of my behavior.


Acquiring the skills that will enable me to plan, manage my time, and carry out learning tasks on my own or with others so that I can become a more productive learner.

I am organized when I...

  • Keep my desk and belongings neat and in order.
  • Am ready to start lessons on time.
  • Use my class time well to plan and complete my work.
  • Have all required notes and handouts in order and dated in my notebooks/duotangs.
  • Use my agenda to remember what I have to do at home and at school.


Acquiring the skills that will enable me to follow instructions and complete tasks thoroughly on my own or with others so that I can be a self-directed learner.

I am an independent worker when I...

  • Follow instructions and understand what I have to do.
  • Remain focused on the task without direct teacher supervision.
  • Am not distracted by others or objects in the classroom.
  • Use feedback and look for ways to improve my work.


Acquiring the skills that will enable me to work with others respectfully so that I can be a contributing member of my community.

I am an effective collaborator when I...

  • Take turns sharing roles and responsibilities with others.
  • Listen to and respect the ideas and opinions of others.
  • Offer my ideas in respectful ways.
  • Complete my share of the work when working with others.
  • Resolve conflicts with others by using positive problem solving strategies.


Acquiring the skills that will enable me to be a self-starter who knows when and how to ask for help so that I can influence positive change for myself and for others.

I show initiative when I...

  • Have a positive attitude about learning.
  • Start my work or follow routines without being told.
  • Am willing to take risks and try new things on my own.
  • Connect ideas from one subject to another.
  • Ask questions when I don’t understand what to do.


Acquiring the skills that will enable me to reflect on my learning so that I can set goals and motivate myself to effectively complete tasks.

I self-regulate when I...

  • Exercise self-control when completing learning tasks or interacting with others.
  • Set my own goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Persevere when learning or social situations are challenging.
  • Know my strengths and I reflect in areas where I need to improve.
  • Take ownership for my learning and ask for help when I need it.