A Counsellor

  • Provides short term counselling to students to identify problems and solutions
  • Refers students to school supports and community agencies (as needed)
  • Works with students to set goals (academic or personal)
  • Works with students to plan for high school, post-secondary and career options
  • Works with teachers and families to support students

When to see a counsellor

  • Something stressful has happened
  • You are not happy: something is bothering you; you are angry, confused, frustrated and you have not been able to fix it yourself
  • You are having difficulties in school
  • You need support with the high school application process

Students can visit the guidance office with teacher permission. If  Ms. Meghji is not available, students can complete a student request form, which is in the Main Office. Ms. Meghji will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

If your concern is URGENT, please speak to a staff member at school during school hours. After school hours, speak to a caring/trusted adult in your life or call Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868)

Parent Appointments:

Parents can request guidance support via email or by phoning the school.

Email: Nishi.Meghji@tdsb.on.ca

Phone: (416)393-9390 X 20040