The Extra Curriculars

Grade 7 and Grade 8 String Orchestra Sectionals

Grade 7 and Grade 8 string players are required to attend a 60 minute sectional at various times each week to work on their music with the strings teacher and TDSB itinerant music instructors.

Grade 7 Beginner Band

A keen group of Grade 7 beginners who came for morning and after school sectionals with the band teacher. They also take part in Monday morning practices with the band teacher and a TDSB itinerant music instructor.

Junior Band

Experienced Grade 7 band students who wish to further their playing skills meet with the band teacher and a TDSB itinerant music instructor every Wednesday before school to play more challenging repertoire.

Chamber Strings

A group of enthusiastic musicians from Grade 7 and Grade 8 auditioned and combined to form the Chamber Strings Ensemble.  

Concert Band

Experienced Grade 8 students who wish to further challenge themselves meet with the band teacher and a TDSB itinerant instructor every Tuesday before school (Woodwinds) and Thursday before school (Brass and Percussion) to work on complex repertoire.

Jazz Band

A group of jazz enthusiasts at Glenview who auditioned and formed the Glenview Jazz Combo. They rehearse every Wednesday after school with the band teacher.  

Stage Band

A select group of grade 8 instrumentalists who rehearse once every week at lunch with Mr. So on traditional Jazz Charts.

Grade 8 A Cappella Singers

A group of grade 8 girls who wanted to take their singing to a whole different level.  They rehearse on challenging A cappella music with Mr. So once a week during lunch.  

Glenview Choir

A group comprised of Grade 7 and Grade 8 students who enjoy singing.  The Glenview Choir members rehearse twice a week every Thursday after school with the choir instructors and accompanist.  

Glenview Rock Band

An eager group of Grade 7 and 8 students wanting to explore the “plugged in” side of music. Rock Band practices every Friday before school with the rock band instructor.