Our Staff

Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal Ms. Cabrera
 Office - Administrator
 Office - Secretary
Ms. Khan
Ms. Shapardanov
 Chairperson Ms. McMichael


Caretaking Staff

 Head Caretaker Mr. WIlson (Acting)
 Evening Caretaker Mr. Donovan


Classroom Teams

 Kindergarten A  Ms. Reyes and Ms. Khanom
 Kindergarten B Ms. Tin Yan and Ms. Singh
 Kindergarten D Ms. VanDerVeen and Ms. Lafleche
 Grade 1 Ms. Palmer
 Grade 1/2 Ms. Weiser
 Grade 3/4 Mr. Yoshida

 Grades 1, 2 and 3
Mr. Rowan. Ms. Hawkins and Ms. McGregor
 Grades 5 and 6 Mr. Duong, Ms. Cole and Ms. Crooks 
 Grade 5 / 6
Ms. Holman
 Prep Teachers Ms. Fromstein
Mr. Joyce
Mr. Khaskin, French
Early Reading Intervention Ms. Budgen
 Lunchroom Supervisors Ms. Akther, Ms. Sultana, Mr. Willis, Ms. Moroni, Ms. Tunney
 EarlyON Child and Family Centre Ms. Megitt