School Features

Extra-Curricular Activities

 The students at Harrison P.S. have a wide variety of extra-curricular programs available to them throughout the school year. The numerous activities, clubs, teams, and performances offer students plenty of opportunity to enhance skills and engage in social interaction.

Harrison prides itself not only in offering intramural sports leagues, interscholastic athletics teams and sports technique programs, but also in offering interest groups that delve into the arts and sciences.

Cross Country Running, Soccer, Bordenball, Basketball, Track & Field, Ultimate Disc and Eco Team, are among the many programs organized and operated by school staff.

We also offer a number of programs delivered by outside providers such as Act One Productions, Ukulele Kids, Elite Camps Basketball as well as Chess & Math.


Harrison Public School is fortunate to have a Computer Lab as a key component of our Learning Commons.  The lab is equipped with 32 desktop computers.  This space is available to and used by all our classes.  We have a Smart Board and Ladibug document camera in each of our classrooms.  There are also Chrome books provided to every student at the school for interactive learning, research use and on-line assignments.  Additionally, students and staff have access to iPads.  Currently, we are exploring curriculum use with Dash and Dot robots as well as coding.

stem logoStaff and students are continuing to learn to incorporate a variety of technological devices into effective learning tools.  Along this vein, we are exploring STEM education.
So, what is STEM?

STEM is a transdiciplinary approach to inquiry and problem-based learning that fosters collaboration, creativity and innovation in all students. It is applying skills, behaviours and knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to solve complex, real-world problems.

Intensive Support Programs

Harrison Public School has two ASD Classes with Primary and Junior students with autism placed via the Central IPRC process.  Intensive support is provided for the students' individualized programs from the classroom teacher and the educational assistant/ child youth worker as well as from an occupational therapist and a speech and language consultant.  The students in our Intensive Support Programs program participate in many of our school activities, integrated in various subject areas and assemblies.