Welcome to HPAS!


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We are an INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY of staff, caregivers

and students who collaborate to promote


At HPAS everyone learns and grows together. 

Everyone is known and valued for their participation

in our collective education.




Here’s recently published Parents/Guardians Guide to Google Tools. It offers information for families on Classroom, Meet, Chromebooks, Accessibility, Security & Privacy. It's a great place for families to familiarize themselves with G Suite for Education Tools. 

2021 / 2022 Theme



We are Generation Restoration: Restoring ourselves. Restoring our communities. Restoring our earth. 

This year’s theme will be informed by the UN’s #GenerationRestoration call to action: Ecosystem restoration for people, nature and our climate, as well as their Sustainable Development Goals.

For more on Year A&B HPAS Science & Social Studies curriculum, visit our Philosophy page. 



A joint HPAS/ASPS multi-year, multi-phase initiative to revitalize and transform our library into a modern, 21st century Library Learning Commons. This year, phase 1, our common HPAS/ASPS goal is $40,000. It sounds big, but together we will raise it and create it. Every dollar counts! Learn & Donate at UnleashTheLibrary.ca
For more info, please contact your Parent Council at hpas.pc.chairs@gmail.com.

EcoSchools Certification


We are proud to announce that our EcoSchools Certification for 2018-2019 is GOLD! For more info, visit TDSB Eco Schools 


Crayola Colour Cycle


HPAS is a Crayola Colour-Cycle Depot!
As a TDSB Eco School we are taking part in the Crayola Colour Cycle Program. Families can send in ANY (not just Crayola!) of their old, used plastic markers - including highlighters and dry erase markers - and we will send them off to Crayola to be re-purposed, diverting tons of plastic waste from our landfills! Want to know more? Visit the Crayola Colour Cycle Website.

School Safety 🚫 No U Turns 🚫

Safe Turn Around

During AM drop-off and PM pick-up, please remember to use the Turn Around Loop and the top of Jennings Ave in the Community Centre Parking Lot to safely turn your vehicles around. U-Turns in the street are dangerous. Please be aware and let's ensure that everyone gets to and from school safely!

Road Safety Info From Councillor Doucette - see file


Safe Driving

Dogs on School Property


A friendly reminder that dogs are not allowed on school property during school hours. This includes before school and after school.  Thank you!