School Council

School Council

2022 / 2023 Nominated Council Members

Joanne Huber Co-Chair

Roberta Brown Co-Chair

Ivanka Sochocky 

Sunda Rasool

John Tummonds

Stephanie Pellatt

Maggie Dunlop
Natalie Rogansky
Sonia Satov


*secretary and treasurer positions remain open

Everyone Gets Involved

 A community of learning and care is actualized through partnerships between parents, students and staff who work together to support student development. Parent involvement is a critical component of the school’s culture and supports the staff direction, while offering time and resources which enrich learning opportunities. Each family is encouraged to participate in the life of the school. Multiple support activities accommodate parents with different availabilities and talents. Support activities range from daytime activities such as volunteering in the classroom (class and trip reps) and library, as well as during field trips. Specific school events such as fundraisers or cultural events offer occasions for episodic involvement. Some parents support the school during the evening hours by facilitating art activities, administrative tasks and acting on various committees. High Park students have many opportunities to enjoy curriculum-related in-school activities and excursions, as well as extensions to the arts program. 

We involve parents and community partners in delivering programs in a manner that ensures that all students learn in a way that is best for each individual child. Connections between the school, the community and the world at large underscore the importance of local and global issues, and afford our students opportunities to think and act as global citizens.

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