Our Staff

Curriculum Night

Please view our slideshow presentation, Welcome to Curriculum Night- High Park Alternative for more information about the school, staff and parent council.

Meet our 2022 / 2023 HPAS Staff

image (5) Kismat, Kindergarten Teacher, Room 105

Screenshot_20221011-154353_Chrome638011149221881835 Rowena, Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator, Room 105

20220928_154041 Daniel, Kindergarten Teacher, Room 102 

image (6) Kelly, Grade 1 / 2 Teacher, Room 108 

20220928_154126  Lillian, Grade 2 / 3 Teacher, Room 107 

image (8)  Anastasia, Grade 4 / 5 Teacher, Room 106 

image (9)  Eva, Grade 5 / 6 Teacher, Room 101 

20220929_101342  Martin, Grade 7 / 8 Teacher, Room 217

20220929_101209  Betty-Lynn, Prep Delivery & Resource Teacher, Room 100

Screenshot_20221011-161308_Chrome  Helena, Prep Delivery & French Teacher, Room 99 

Screenshot_20221011-154311_Chrome  George, Special Needs Assistant

Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal Shauna.Davidson@tdsb.on.ca
 Vice-Principal Lillian.Papel@tdsb.on.ca
 Office-Administrator Marlene.Richardson@.tdsb.on.ca


Classroom Teachers

JK/SK w/ ECE Kismat & Rowena, Room 105       
JK/SK .5 Daniel, Room 102 
1/2 Kelly, Room 108
2/3 Lillian, Room 107 
4/5 Anastasia, Room 106
5/6 Eva, Room 101
7/8  Martin, Room 218
French & Music Helena, Room 99
Prep & Music Betty-Lynn, Room 99
Special Education Betty-Lynn, Room 99             



Special Needs Assistant George, PM
Lunchroom Supervisers





Caretaking Staff

Head Caretaker Jason Wright
Shift Leader   
Caretaker Ed Walsh 
Caretaker James Graham 
Caretaker Lovely Hofilena

When I Read ...

When I Read🎉 Congratulations 🎉 to our very own Kelly! 

Kelly Fricker has been teaching with the TDSB since 2008. She spends her days surrounded by five-, six- and seven-year-olds. During her time with them over the years, she's discovered a real love of children’s literature. After reading literally hundreds of stories with her students, she decided to write her very own! And what a better story to write than one about a girl who not only opens up a book, but she opens herself up to a new world full of people to meet, places to go, and things to see? When I Read … is an expression of how Kelly feels about #kidlit; it can be an exploration of character education for young readers that shows us when we read a truly great story, our lives are never quite the same.


2017 Burtynsky Award


 Congratulations 🎉 to our very own Alicia! 

Alicia Belvedere has been teaching with the TDSB since 2007. She believes that igniting environmental stewardship in students begins with providing opportunities to explore, get excited about and ultimately fall in love with nature. Her journey to live a happier and healthier life by deepening her connection to nature inspired Alicia to encourage her students to foster their own love of the earth. At HPAS, there is a community of amazing staff and parents that work together to create exciting learning experiences.

To read Alicia's full biography, please visit the Burtynsky Award page