Parking Lot Information

Parking Lot Information

Hillmount Public School is committed to student and family safety.  We are a neighbourhood school that encourages our families to walk to school when and where possible.  

We recognize that some of families drive to and from school.  We encourage families to park in the designated parking spaces on the south east side of McNicoll and Don Mills Rd, or the side streets adjacent to our school. 

Parking in the loop is prohibited as this is a fire route.  The loop serves as a kiss and ride which means drivers must remain in the vehicle when picking up and dropping of children.  

What to do if you are running late for pick up

If you are running late please contact the school at 416-395-2550 so that we can arrange for your child/ren to wait at the office for pick up.  If you are unable to call the office, staff will bring your child/ren to the office for parent/guardian pick up.