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Welcome to Humberside Collegiate Institute

Humberside Collegiate Institute was established in 1892. It is a semestered secondary school with approximately 1450 students in grades 9 to 12. Humberside is a neighbourhood school which draws its student body from the population of the immediate area. The academic program includes an emphasis on traditional subjects, while encouraging the study of courses that meet the future needs of Canadian young people.

Just over 40% of our students study in French in the Extended French and Immersion French Programs. We have a very large and strong Music Program which offers students the opportunity to take courses in strings, instrumental or vocal music. Our performance schedule each year is very full and we are in demand in the community to enhance events with our musical contributions. One of the defining features of the original collegiate institutes was the study of Latin and Classical Civiliazations. Humberside continues to offer these popular courses and annually compete in the annual Ontario Student Classic Conferences.

The interdisciplicanry courses in Media Studies, Archives and Bio-Technology are unique to Humberside. The Archive course was created by one of our retired teachers. This course combines the study of local history with partnerships with the West Toronto Junction Historical Society and the Toronto and Ontario Archives. Science has also added a Biotechnology course and have infused biotechnology into every grade in recognition of this very exciting and growing field of science. The Media Studies course is one of our most popular courses and is offered in grade 11 & 12.

Opportunities for field work, laboratory experience, library research, independent study and computer applications enhance all of Humberside's regular classroom programs.

Humberside has a wide range of extra-curricular programs that reflect the interest of our students. We have over one hundred clubs, activities and sports teams, which are led by students and staff, with the help of many community volunteers.