Mission and Difference

Our Mission Statement

In a supportive and cooperative culture of mutual respect, Humberside Collegiate Institute strives to enable all students to be successful at each stage of their academic career and beyond. With its long-standing focus on high academic achievement, Humberside, in cooperation with families and friends in the community, encourages its students to become responsible, caring citizens with a life-long curiosity and a desire to excel.

Dans un milieu de soutien, de coopération et de respect mutuel, l’Institut collégial Humberside s’évertue à permettre à tous les élèves de réussir à chaque étape de leur carrière académique et postsecondaire. Avec son engagement de longue date d’encourager la réussite académique, l’Institut collégial Humberside, de concert avec les familles et les partenaires dans la communauté, encourage ses élèves à devenir des citoyens responsables et engagés, désireux de rechercher l’excellence et l’apprentissage toute leur vie.

The Humberside Difference

Eighty-seven per cent of our graduating students attend university. Our students tell us that we have challenged them to explore abilities they didn’t know they had, both inside and outside the classroom. The centerpiece of our school is a 126-year-old building on beautiful grounds with a walking path, a rose garden planted by students and a ravine park. Our music wing includes the wonderful Lismer auditorium, named after famed Group of Seven painter, Arthur Lismer. It features a wonderful mural commissioned by our students and completed by Mr. Lismer in the 1940s. Our three-storey science wing hosts well-equipped labs. Our athletic facilities include two gymnasiums, tennis courts, a pool, outdoor tracks and playing fi elds. The empowered student partnership (ESP) program, in collaboration with the Toronto Police Service, plays an important role in creating an inclusive and safe learning environment.

Honour Roll and Scholarships

The Honour Roll is compiled after each report card. It is based on the achievement of at least an 80% average according to the following criteria: Grade 9 – all 8 subjects; Grade 10 – all 8; Grade 11 – best 7; Grade 12 – best six.

Graduates who receive university scholarships have their names inscribed in the front hall. Those who graduate with an average of 80% or better in six Grade 12 U or M courses have their names posted on the scholarship boards and receive Ontario Scholarship certificates. Graduates who have attended Humberside for at least 3 years and who have remained on the Honour Roll throughout high school each receive a Centennial Scholar plaque and their names are posted on a scholarship board.

In addition, a number of certificates, trophies, books and cash prizes are awarded at the fall Honours assembly and at Commencement, in recognition of academic excellence, leadership and service to the school.