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If you or some one you love is struggling with mental health you need to know that you are not alone. There are people who can help you and resources at your fingertips. The resources below are supported by the Ministry of Health and provide solid information and resources for you. You can access them 24/7.




Nuts (all) and sesame seeds are NOT permitted in lunches and/or snacks. We have many students with life-threatening allergies and if exposed to these allergens they will develop an anaphylactic reaction and may die. If you are buying snacks for your child the package must say nut-free on it. If it doesn't then it is not safe to send to school. Fast-food lunches where the hamburger buns have sesame seeds are not allowed. Please be careful. We have already had 4 incidents of students having an anaphylactic reaction to food a classmate brought to school. Our students' lives depend on you.

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION begins in February 2020!

Registration for all TDSB Kindergarten programs begins in February. We look forward to welcoming you and your child at our school in September!

To attend Junior Kindergarten in September, children must turn four years old by December 31. To register for Senior Kindergarten, children must be five years old by December 31. You may choose to register in person at the school or begin this process online. 

For more information about the Kindergarten program and registration requirements, please visit:

Click here for more questions and answers about Kindergarten registration.


If your child is going to be away from school please call the Attendance Line at 416-394-4757 and PRESS 1. 


You are not alone. The Kids' Help Line is created just for students who are having difficulty in the following areas:

  • emotional well-being
  • bullying and abuse
  • school 
  • relationships
  • friends and family
  • identity
  • physical health

Kids' Help Line can be accessed by phone, live chat, text and has many resources for you to access. Click here for quick access or call 1 800 668 6868 24hours a day, 7 days a week 24/7.



Are you or a family member experiencing distress and need support in any of the following areas?

  • health
  • legal areas
  • social areas
  • employment
  • cultural services

Please contact the Rexdale Hub located at 21 Panorama Court 416-741-3000. Click here to view the website and details.

COLD WEATHER- When do students stay inside?

HOURS- The bell rings at 8:10am and it is important that students arrive to school on time each day. Lunch time is 11:10am-12pm. Students will play outside from 11:10am-11:30am and then they will come inside to eat their lunch. Dismissal time is at 2:45pm.

CONTACTING TEACHERS- Each teacher will communicate with you the best way to reach them. Each child in gr 1-8 will be given a planner (cost is $5) and parents/guardians are encouraged to write a note to the teacher with any questions and/or concerns. Many of our teachers use other methods of communication such email, websites etc. Each teacher will let you know how you can communicate with them. You may also call the school at 416-394-4750 and leave a message for your child's teacher.


CALENDAR- Click to view month to month events at our school

Cash Online Registration Form

EYE EXAMS- Was an eye exam on your child's back to school checklist?

  • Eye exam done
  • Immunization up-to-date
  • School supplies purchased

Make your child's eye exam a part of the back to school routine.An eye exam is the best way to help detect a vision problem and is covered by OHIP every year for children and youth age 19 and under. To find an optometrist near you visit

For junior kindergarten students, the Eye See Eye Learn program provides an eye exam as well as a free pair of eye glasses if required. 


September 2019

November 2019


Math websites for families (FREE!)

University of Cambridge

The University of Waterloo

Youcubed (rich math tasks)



Parent Council, A Guide for Members

All parents and guardians are invited to our meeting. We will be voting for this year's Parent Council Chair.

Next Meeting- Wednesday November 20th @6:30pm. 

Interested in volunteering?
Please drop by the office and see Mr. Singh for an application.

FREE Dental Care for low-income families.
Read and find out if your family qualifies.


Worried about your child's mental well-being? Kids Help Phone web page is an excellent resource for kids, teens and their parents!
Checkout useful resources.