Entry- 8:10am

Period 1- 8:15am-8:45am

Period 2- 8:45am- 9:25am

Period 3- 9:25am-10:05am

Period 4- 10:25am-11:05am

LUNCH- 11:05am-11:55am

11:05am-11:30am- Students play outside.

11:30am-11:55am- Students eat their lunch in their classrooms.

Entry- 11:55am

Period 5- 12pm-1:40pm

Period 6- 12:40pm-1:20pm

Period 7- 1:35pm- 2:15pm

Period 8- 2:15pm- 2:45pm

Dismissal- 2:45pm

 PLEASE NOTE: There is no supervision before 8am and after 3pm. Any student on the school grounds (outside, Great Hall etc) during non-supervision times must be accompanied by an adult.