Food Allergies- FAZ


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We know how important it is to have a safe school. You have told us that a safe school is everyone’s call! We would like to share with you today one aspect of keeping our school safe. This is in the area of caring for students who have life-threatening allergies or who must take medication at school.

Here is what we have done to date:

• We have gone through all your returned information sheets and noted what students have a life-threatening allergy or those who need medication at school.

• We have sent a letter to all families in the room where such a student attends. We have created a logo called FAZ – Food Allergy Zone and this logo is on lime green paper and is posted outside classrooms. Please note we do not use language such as “PEANUT FREE” or “NUT FREE”. TDSB does not use these terms as we can’t guarantee that someone has not had nuts or eggs or mango for example, when they come into the building.

• We have taken photos of all anaphylactic students as well as students who must take medication at school. These photos are posted in the office, classroom POD areas, staff room and the teacher workrooms. All the lunch supervisors for Kindergarten to grade 8 classes have seen these as well.

• Medication and Epi-Pens are generally kept in the office. In some cases they are kept in the classroom or on the student’s person as per parental request. Teachers have left explicit details re: how to access them for supply teachers and prep teachers. We also have an extra Epi-pen stored in the school office.

May we take this opportunity to say that we appreciate every one who gives us up-to-date information re: their child’s well-being. We are proud that we can care for all our children. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.