Welcome to Jesse Ketchum!

Jesse Ketchum Public School Jr. and Sr. is a dynamic Learning Community. We strongly believe that we play a vital role, with our community partners, in fostering life-long learning and high standards for student success.

Jesse Ketchum embraces relevant curriculum, equity of access and opportunity, and accountability in a nurturing, engaging, and safe school environment. Our new Code of Conduct, embraces the motto:

"Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Successful."

Our school is very active with many programs focusing on inquiry, diversity and equity. We have created for your child, a strong program that enhances academic, technological, personal and social development.

What We Offer

 Start your children in Kindergarten at Jesse Ketchum Public School and watch them achieve great things. Jesse Ketchum serves approximately 520 students who represent many different languages and cultures. We value their contribution to our school culture.
Our Arts program is extensive. Choirs, band, strings and steel pan are all options for our students. We offer specialist music teachers and visual arts teachers. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our school.

Our Jesse Ketchum child care centre is located nearby. Parents value the close partnership we have established with this centre, creating programs for their children with special needs, including autism.