Our Teachers

2017-2018 Karen Kain School of the Arts Teachers




Grade 6A and Grade 6 Vocal and  Science, Gr. 6 and 7 Gym

Mr. Wiens

Grade 6B and Grade 6 Science & French, Gr. 6 and 7 Gym

Ms. Thompson

Grade 7A  Art and Gr. 6 Dance and Gr. 6-8 Library

Ms. Paterson-Gaspar

Grade 7B, Math and Art, Gr. 8 Dance and Gr. 7 French

Ms. Sohn

Grade 8A  Drama, Math and Grade 7 Gym

Ms. Ocampo

Grade 8B Core, Gr. 6-8 Media, Grade 8 Science

Mr. Guzzo


Mrs. Bryer

Educational Assistant

Mr. Marvy


Mr. Follett

Lunchroom Attendants

Mr. Marvy and Ms. Sharma

Office Administrator

Mrs. Sue Stone


Ms. V.K. Oketch