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Karen Kain School of the Arts appreciates your interest in applying to our school.  If you are interested in having your child attend KKSA please review the following information.

TDSB students have access to programs that offer unique opportunities and focus on a variety of interests.   Students apply to Centralized Programs through an online application.  Application link will open on November 6th 2023

Karen Kain School of the Arts, our curriculum is delivered with an Arts Focused Approach, in a safe and caring atmosphere. This will enable our community of students to adapt to a changing world, become champions of the environment and responsive to global and social issues. We do this by emphasizing thinking, communication and problem-solving skills while developing an appreciation and love of the Arts.

KKSA is proud to operate as part of the Toronto District School Board.  KKSA is a publicly funded school and does not ask families to pay tuition.  Each year there is significant interest in families applying to our program.  The only prerequisite for applying to our program is to live within the city of Toronto.  Families interested in applying are encouraged to check out the "Admissions" section of this website.  Each year there are approximately 200 applicants for entrance into our program.

Click here for the Elementary Central Student Interest Programs application link

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Addressing Empty Seats

Following the placement deadline (February 22 for secondary and March 22 for elementary), there may be vacant seats in a Central Student Interest Program. To address these empty seats, the Central wait lists will be reduced (in order) to only include:

  1. Students who live in-area for the school offering the Central Student Interest Program
  2. Students who are pre-registered to attend the school in 2023-24. This may include both current TDSB and students new to the TDSB who are registered to attend the school in September.
    Note: Students attending the school through Out-of-Area Admissions will not be included.

Should space become available in the Central Student Interest Program, applicants will be considered for seats in the program in order of their position on the Local Waitlist. These moves will not be made until late June or early September. Schools without local catchment areas will not be making further offers into their programs. This is the case for Karen Kain School of the Arts.

This process is being established to help ensure that as many students as possible are given the opportunity to participate in focused programming across the TDSB.


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