Ecological Literacy

Grade 6 students attend the Etobicoke Outdoor School for a day.  What an exciting, chilly day to learn about the ecosystem and wildlife conservation. Students participated in very active program to reinforce Science curriculum expectations. 

The Grade 7 students travelled to Albion Hills where they were surrounded by nature. They took part in a photography workshop where they learned how to use a camera, as well as how to capture the most interesting photographs. Upon returning, the students built off of what they had seen and learned at Albion Hills. Going along with their study of the impact humans have on the environment, students began environmental themed photography project in Media class. The project also integrated what the students had been learning in Science about Biotic and Abiotic components. The students were asked to choose one of their favourite photos of a biotic subject, and to take a photo of an abiotic subject. The theme for the project was ‘Our Impact on the Natural World’. The photos the students took and enhanced in Photoshop showed a stark contrast between natural and man-made surroundings.

This project is currently on display in the front foyer of KKSA.