Fostering Leadership & Teamwork

2015 EcoSchools Middle Schools Conference: January 15th, 2015

 Five gr. 7 & 8 eco-club members participated in this year’s Eco Schools Conference. They learned about building community relationships, reduce waste and reinforcing team building skills. The main focus was for this team to decide on a campaign to bring back to our school and to come up with a  plan. Our campaign: to reduce paper use in our School by educating/implementing use of google docs and technology. Gr. 8 Astrid took the lead by putting together a powerpoint presentation and monkey survey about how we want students to tell us how much technology they can/wish to use at school instead of paper. We are calculating the results to use for next year. This is our very exciting campaign this year. Thank you eco leaders!

Grade 7 Integrated Arts Eco Unit

An Environmental Folk Tale
The Last Egg
Through drama, dance, and visual arts students create an environmental folk tale that communicates messages about human interaction with the natural environment. In Drama class, the egg of an endangered species is left to a child with an urgent message pleading with him/her to care for and protect the creature’s sweet little baby. Through out the drama multiple perspectives, from a variety of characters and creatures, create tension. The child’s stewardship is challenged. Wearable creature masks are designed to bring creatures to life who act as Guardians of this last egg. Site-based dances, in a forest, are improvised and performed wearing the masks to re-enact the laying of the egg and the extirpation of a species in tailings ponds. To culminate this unit student’s write an environmental folktale and perform a Rant on an environmental issue of their choice.