Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Karen Kain School of the Arts

Welcome to another exciting school year at Karen Kain School of the Arts!   Welcome to our Grade 6s and congratulations on your acceptance to KKSA.  I also  welcome back our Grade 7s and Grade 8s! I so look forward to being your principal this year as we continue our very unique journey. Together we will shape your learning environment to determine what will best suit you, our students, to allow you to be the best that you can truly be. We have a lot of work ahead of us this year.   The selection of a student government, team building, performances, trips, concerts, presentations and demonstrating what you have learned on a daily basis in your classrooms.  Although we are facing a very unpreceded experience at KKSA we will find a way to rally through obstacles and continue to find things to celebrate every week.  The strongest element of our school is that of "community" and you are the most important part, I cannot do my job on my own and I am honoured to work with a dedicated group of staff and appreciate the support of our outstanding parents.  Thank you for your partnership, together we forge the greatest future for our children.  

Consider what you need to do to be in control of your accomplishments here at KKSA. If you are prepared to work diligently, behave responsibly, plan carefully, and get involved in the opportunities provided to you, you will find success. To assist you in achieving your  goals, the  organizational  skills  that  you learn  by  using this  planner daily,  will  help greatly  in your pursuit  of  success.  Think of what you would like to achieve and each day work towards making this a reality.

At the beginning of this school year, set goals for yourself.   Break down these goals into smaller, doable steps and then be sure to do what you planned to do!  Sometimes, you may feel as though your goals are unattainable and you may even consider giving up.  But persevere through these challenging times and success will be waiting for you at the end of the year.  Your teachers and   I are here to support you every step of the way and together, with your parents/guardians, we will use this planner as a tool to assist you.

Be an active participant at KKSA.  Suggest extracurricular activities you would like to see and help organize them. Take advantage of all the leadership possibilities which will be available to you. Remember, you don't have to be good at something to enjoy it!  Try an activity that you have never tried before!

On behalf of the staff, I  wish you a wonderful and successful year at the Karen Kain School of the Arts  as we plan and work together  to make the KKSA experience a most valuable and memorable one for you.

V.K. Oketch


Karen Kain School of the Arts