Are you worried about the upcoming Parent - Teacher interview? The following documents will give you a better sense of what you will be expected to fill out for your child.

Arabic  (432K 5/18/2011)                                                                                     Somali  (412K 5/18/2011)

Chinese  (303K 5/18/2011)                                                                                   Tamil  (444K 5/18/2011)

Farsi   (265K 5/18/2011)                                                                                       Urdu  (508K 5/18/2011)

Korean  (404K 5/18/2011)                                                                                     

The following documents offer tips on how to prepare for interviews.  

Arabic   (412K 5/25/2011)                                                                                    Somali  (328K 5/25/2011)

Chinese (Simplified)  (636K 5/25/2011)                                                                  Tamil  (509K 5/25/2011)

Farsi  (403K 5/25/2011)                                                                                        Urdu  (462K 5/25/2011)

Korean  (527K 5/25/2011)


The following documents give tips on how to support your child with his/her homework.

Arabic  (323K 5/25/2011)                                                        Tamil  (142K 5/25/2011)

Chinese (Simplified)  (561K 5/25/2011)                                    Urdu  (393K 5/25/2011)

Somali  (98K 5/25/2011)

Course Selection

The document below explains how a parent can support their child during course selections.

Arabic  (1762K 5/25/2011)                                                  Korean  (1080K 5/25/2011)

Chinese (Simplified)  (107K 5/25/2011)                                 Somali  (529K 5/25/2011)

Chinese (Traditional)  (2334K 5/25/2011)                              Tamil  (2711K 5/25/2011)

Farsi  (646K 5/25/2011)                                                      Urdu  (745K 5/25/2011)