About Us

Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School (GR. JK-08)


Market Lane Public School is a relatively new school (1992) located on The Esplanade in the St. Lawrence Community, a mixed social and economic community that is still undergoing development. The school is housed in a building complex which includes a community recreation centre and apartment dwellings. The school administration team co-ordinates with the staff of the St. Lawrence Daycare, the St. Lawrence Community Centre, and 222 The Esplanade to ensure on-going and reasonable implementation of the Shared Use Agreement between the Board and the City and other users in this complex.

Phone:(416) 393-1300
Address:246 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, M5A 4J6
Principal:Laurie Jantzi
Vice-Principal(s):Whitney Deveaux
Office Staff:Elena Dimitrova
School Council Chair(s):Mariya Cameron
Chandra Severin
Superintendent:Mary Linton
Learning Network:LN22
Trustee:Deborah Williams
Ward:Ward 10