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Involvement Makes a Difference

"School councils play a vital role in the education system in Ontario. They provide a forum through which parents/guardians and other members of the school community can contribute to improving student achievment and school performance.

Parent involvement in a child's education has been shown to have a significant effect on his or her achiement. In its publication School Improvement Planning: A Handbook for Principals, Teachers, and School Councils (November 2000), the Education Improvement Commission (EIC) describes the results of research on parent involvment this way:

Parental involvement is one of the most significant factors contributing to a child's success in school. When parents are involved in their children's education, the level of studnet achievement increases. Students attend school more regularly, they complete more homework in a consisten manner, and demonstrate more positive attitudes towards school. They are also more likely to complete high school.

The partnership of school and community representatives on a school council helps to build mutual understanding and interaction between a school and its community, resulting in benefits for both. By giving information to parents and community representatives, getting feedback from them, and presenting their views to the school and the school board, a school council involves the community in the discussion of educational issures and helps the school identify and respond to ehe educational needs of the community." (excerpt from School Councils: A Guide for Members, p. 1.1)