Clubs and Programs

Safety Patrol

Interested Grade 5 and 6 students are encouraged to sign up for Safety Patrol Training each fall to become Foot and/or Bus Patrollers. Training takes place each fall with Toronto Police Services representatives.

Schedule will be posted for students outside main office.

Don't forget to arrange a replacement or a swap if you have a conflict.

Partnership Programs & Other Program Ideas

Partnership Programs:


Chess With Mr. S (on hold)

Program sessions will run from October 3 - December 5, January 16 - March 27, & April 10 - June 12. Students must register for each set of sessions separately through SchoolCashOnline. Registration will be available soon, watch for the SchoolCashOnline notice.

Students will be supervised by staff from Chess with Mr. S. More information is available on their website.
Chess instructors are highly qualified and will provide supervision along with instruction.

Piano Classes (on hold)

Piano Lessons are available with the Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music. Mrs. Hutt provides group lessons during lunch and after school every Tuesday throughout the school year. 

For registration information and pricing please visit their website or call Mrs. Hutt at (416) 755-4324.

Taekwondo (on hold)

Every Friday after school Master Teo offers Taekwondo in our gym from 4:30 to 5:30. Taekwondo is excellent for physical fitness, mental awareness, coordination, and focus.

For registration information and pricing please visit Master Teo's Taekwondo website or call (416) 357-2883.

Other Program Ideas:


TDSB Internation Languages Elementary and African Heritage Programs (full brochure):

Toronto Parks and Recreation:

Eco Team

The North Agincourt Eco Team works hard all year to support a sustainable environment.

Some of their activities have been captured in photography:

Eco-Club Planters

Eco-Club PlantersEco-Club PlantersEco-Club Planters

Fall Clean-Up

Fall Clean-UpFall Clean-UpFall Clean-Up

Gardening Club and Conservation Activities

Gardening Club

North A Eco Posters 

North A Eco Posters North A Eco Posters North A Eco Posters North A Eco Posters

Reusable Materials - ECO ART

Reusable Materials - ECO ARTReusable Materials - ECO ARTReusable Materials - ECO ART

Spring Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up