Our Staff

Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal Suzy Papadopoulos 
 Vice-Principal (s) Monica Carey 
 Office-Administrator Judy Keith
 Secretary Helen Saraglou

Caretaking Staff

 Chief Caretaker  Tony Fergus
 Evening Caretaker  Ken Widawski
 Evening Caretaker  [Name]
 Evening Caretaker  [Name]

Classroom Teachers

SK -FI A  [Name]
SK -FI B  [Name]
 Grade 1 B  [Name]
 Grade 1/2 A  [Name]
 Grade 2 A  [Name]
 Grade 2 B  [Name]
 Grade 3 A  [Name]
 Grade 3 B  [Name]
 Primary ISP  [Name]
 Grade 3/4 A  [Name]
 Grade 4 B  [Name]
 Grade 5 A  [Name]
 Grade 5 B  [Name]
 Grade 6 A  [Name]
 Grade 6 B  [Name]
 Grade 7 A  [Name]
 Grade 7 B  [Name]
 Grade 7 C  [Name]
 Grade 7 D  [Name]
 Grade 8 A  [Name]
 Grade 8 B  [Name]
 Grade 8 C  [Name]
 Grade 8 D  [Name]

Support and Programs

 Reading Recovery / Primary Physical Education  [Name]
 French  [Name]
 French  [Name]
 French  [Name]
 HSP/ SERT  [Name]
 HSP/ MART  [Name]
 SERT/ Phys. Ed.  [Name]
 Jr. LEAP/ ESL  [Name]
 Int. LEAP  [Name]
 Music  [Name]
 Library  [Name]
 Guidance  [Name]

Early Childhood Educators

 ECE JK/SK A  [Name]
 ECE JK/SK B  [Name]
 ECE JK/SK C  [Name]
 ECE JK/SK D  [Name]

Educational Assistants

 Child and Youth Worker (Pr. ISP)  [Name]
 SNA (Kindergarten)  [Name]
 EA Regular Program  [Name]
 EA Regular Program  [Name]
 EA Regular Program  [Name]
 EA HSP  [Name]
 EA HSP  [Name]

Lunchroom Supervisors