Upcoming Events

VIRTUAL Curriculum Night for Grade 8 Students

Northview Heights is hosting two events for interested grade 8 students and their families to learn more about our programs. The events will be hosted virtually.

Specialty Programs Information Night will take place at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. The recording from last year can be accessed here .

Grade 8 Night will be at 6:30 pm on Wednesday November 17, 2021. 


The Honours Math, Science, and Technology Program (HMST) is an exceptional program unique to Northview Heights Secondary School.  HMST offers an enriched curriculum in the areas of Mathematics, Science, and Technology. HMST students excel in their post-secondary studies and are often the recipients of numerous scholarships and awards. The program allows students to apply the integration of mathematics, science and technological education, while fostering leadership skills, enabling diverse interests and developing unique approaches to problem solving in an enriched environment. 


  • To help students maximize their academic potential in an enriched environment.
  • To provide a venue for students to explore their curiosities and eagerness in the areas of math, science, and technology.
  • To mentor effective communication and leadership skills, and a strong sense of social and moral responsibility.


  • Environment: Students are surrounded by other high-achieving students that sets an environment of a strong work ethic and a healthy competition.  This environment of studiousness acts as an automatic source of motivation for the students, and enables a culture of success.  
  • Enrichment: HMST students receive many opportunities inside the classroom for enrichment, such as the following
    • covering some of the curriculum from the next grade level 
    • field trips (academic and team building)
    • guest speakers from universities and industry
    • scholarships and bursaries for camps and workshops
    • participation in math, science and computing contests and competitions
  • Community Service: A strong emphasis is placed on leadership development and social responsibility in addition to academic excellence. As a result, each grade participates in at least one community service event each year to help others in the local community.


An HMST student:

  • Is a leader in all facets of the school and extended community.
  • Is high achieving within the integrated programs of math, science and technology.
  • Is highly motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Has an excellent work ethic.
  • Has a strong sense of social and moral responsibility.
  • Accepts and participates in challenges.
  • Approaches new tasks with confidence and creativity.
  • Is able to transfer skills and knowledge to real experiences.


  • HMST students can also complete the following complimentary programs at Northview:
    • Information and Communications Technology SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major)
    • Co-Op Placements
    • Cyber Arts Program
    • Academic Program for Gifted Athletes (APGA)
  • To find out more details about these programs, please click here.