Field Trips

Field Trips

Ontario Science Centre

Grade 10 HMST science students participated in an interactive workshop on Human Anatomy and Physiology at the Ontario Science Centre. During an interactive presentation, students learned about digestive, respiratory and circulatory body systems of a goat, pig and human.


Circulatory system of a pigRespiratory systemGroup picture               

Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre


In October, grade 9 HMST students participated in a field trip to the Forest Valley. Throughout the day they enjoyed a variety of teambuilding and leadership activities. They did a mindful hike, listening to the sounds of nature, got to know about the history of indigenous people living at the Don River and the use of medicinal plants by indigenous people. Students wrapped up the day by making fire in small groups and roasting marshmallows.

20221011_134934Activities at the Forest ValleyPXL_20221011_164548433.MP

Cedar Glen YMCA

01f. 11-hmst-grads_origThe Grade 11 HMST cohort celebrated their 3 years of collaboration, hard work, and enthusiasm at the Cedar Glen YMCA. They enjoyed archery, high ropes activities, a scavenger hunt and singing and S'mores around the campfire. What a way to share great memories with the friends they have made throughout the years in the HMST program!

Ontario Science Centre

The Grade 10 HMST students applied their knowledge of solutions and solubility to advanced analytical chemistry equipment at the Ontario Science Centre through their Environmental Water Testing program. Students used spectrometers to analyze the concentration of various pollutants in ground water and lake water. 

Royal Ontario Museum

Grade 11 HMST students visited the Royal Ontario Museum and had the opportunity to participate in a two-part hands-on lab. In part one, they examined a wide variety of specimens in the lab, experiencing firsthand the patterns between anatomy and physiology of species in different biological kingdoms. In part two, students visited the Dinosaur and Bird Galleries at the ROM, making connections between species and changes in the Earth over time.

York University Observatory

Grade 9 HMST students visited the unique Allan Carswell Observatory at York University. They had an introductory tour of the solar system, and had the opportunity to visit and compare two different telescopes at the Observatory. This experience also introduced them to what post-secondary education can be like and how it differs from high school.

Humber Arboretum

HMST Grade 9 Science students had the opportunity to to conduct hands-on exploration of two different kinds of ecosystems, Aquatic and Terrestrial at the  Humber Arboretum, Centre for Urban Ecology. In the aquatic ecosystem investigation, students analyse the water in the pond, recording such aspects as pH, oxygen, conductivity, phosphorus and temperature. In the terrestrial ecosystem investigation, students perform a soil analysis, as well as assess the diversity and sustainability of the plants in the forest.

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

Grade 10 HMST Science students were given the opportunity to visit Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.  In addition to exploring over thousands of aquatic species, including sharks, jellyfish, and green sea turtles, students attended a workshop on 'Climate in Crisis' to complement their knowledge of the Climate Change unit.  They explored the effect of warming earth on our oceans and weather patterns with an Aquarium educator through an interactive presentation and a guided activity.  A special highlight of the trip for the students was to watch divers conducting dive shows as they spotted the eagle rays and the cownose rays for a feeding along the windows for a close-up view.