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Parkfield is pleased to celebrate the impact made by the Glimpse Team's PROJECT SMILE efforts from the 2018/2019 school year. They recently accepted their 2019 Urban Hero People's Choice Award in the Education Category.  (see photos below) Last year's Glimpse Kids are an inspiration to this year's Glimpse Team.  This year's project, PROJECT GRATITUDE, will focus on empowering each and everyone of us to be grateful for whoever and wherever we are. Let's not chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Let's realize that we are all in the pot of gold. Life is our treasure and we are  part of each other's treasure. Via various partnerships, the Glimpse Kids will lead various fund raising efforts this school year to once again restore smiles via OPERATION SMILE CANADA. They will continue to promote acceptance and compassion. Together, we can all change the world one grateful heart and smile at a time.


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The Guardian (Etobicoke) Article

In partnership with singer-songwriter Mae Janelle, the Glimpse team has written a book which they are selling with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Operation Smile Canada. At their book launch assembly, they accepted a special THANK YOU from Mark Climie, CEO of OPERATION SMILE CANADA.


student and teacher holding award






With her song, SMILE, singer-songwriter Mae Janelle's rich and melodic voice delivers a promise of hope and positivity in times that can often threaten to smother one's light and erase one's smile. The GLIMPSE INTO THE LIFE OF A CHILD team will share her message with our community via a book that they are writing. The book will be available for purchase in the spring. 100% of the proceeds will be donated towards helping needy children obtain access to cleft palate surgeries via OPERATION SMILE CANADA. More details to follow.

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Charity Link - Operation Smile Canada




In April, during the library program, the Grade 3 classes listened to books written and illustrated by Barbara Reid and watched her website showing how she creates her plasticine illustrations using different techniques.  During their art classes, the students then had the opportunity to use plasticine to create a seasonal tree based on the book,  Picture a Tree, by Barbara Reid.

Their art work was displayed in the library.


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The Multi-Year Strategic Plan  

Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum 



What’s a GLIMPSE? 

Turning to a dictionary, we know that a “glimpse” is a momentary or partial view.  A “glimpse” is also defined as to see or perceive briefly or partially.  What we will share here are “GLIMPSES” into the life of a child from that child’s perspective.  They are short and simple, but yet authentic and of great value.  They highlight and celebrate diversity between and within families, cultures, and communities.  They showcase interests, skills, goals, and opinions.  They are created by kids and for kids.  They are a platform for kids to reflect and express themselves.  They are evidence that kids have a voice that could and should be heard.  In short, “glimpses” allow kids to learn from kids via partnerships of reflection and expression.   We hope you enjoy them because there is joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world from the eyes of a child (Mr. Aguiar). 


Article: Glimpse into the Life of Young People By Rob Aguiar