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Park Lawn Junior Middle School (GR. JK-08)

Park Lawn, a community focused school of about 450 students, is located in a quiet residential area. Opened in 1951, we continue our tradition as a proud supportive partner in education. We strive to ensure that each learner has opportunities to develop as a positive, open-minded contributor to society.  We offer a welcoming environment with active community involvement. In addition to our pursuit of academic excellence we partner with Toronto Parks and Recreation as well as the privately owned Park Lawn Preschool. Our school, being an accessible facility, allows us to be physically inclusive for all members of our community.

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Phone:(416) 394-7120
Address:71 Ballacaine Dr, Etobicoke, ON, M8Y 4B6
Principal:Lisa Handiak
Vice-Principal(s):Amanda Cameron
Office Staff:Elizabeth Lavigne
Rosemary Ierullo
School Council Chair(s):Naveen Maher
Superintendent:Erin Altosaar
Learning Network:LN20
Trustee:Patrick Nunziata
Ward:Ward 3