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Homework Help! (Ontario Ministry of Education)


How Stuff Works This award-winning site clearly and concisely tells kids (and adults0 how different things work - from the everyday (now automobile engines run) to the unusual (how Jell-O sets). 

Fact Monster This is a one-stop reference source of kid-friendly facts and articles. The award-winning site also has loads interactive tools that encourage kids to improve their math, spelling and vocabulary.

Funology A great place for kids to find things to do - not just at the computer, but anywhere. The million and one games, magic tricks, recipes, experiments and craft projects will put a stop to the "Mom, I'm bored" syndrome.

Fun Brain Interactive tools and games like Gramar Gorillas and MathCar Racing entice kids to learn.

Canadian Wildlife Federation This site encourages young naturalists to actively participate in wildlife conservation, including building a backyard habitat for birds and butterflies.




Great Math Websites for Students:

CoolMath4Kids Games, brain twisters and colouring-book activities for a variety of age groups help make math fun. A great site for kids who are struggling with multiplication and need to practise their skills. 

Early Years Mathematics Activites and Games  From the Manitoba Board of Education, this site shares activities and games for teachers to use in their classroom and for families to use at home.

"Illuminate" Dynamic Paper  An interactive tool to create dynamic drawings on isometric dot paper. You can draw figures using edges, faces, or cubes. You can shit, rotate, coulor, decompose and view in 2D or 3D.

Math Frog   Fun math resources and online games from the University of Waterloo; junior ; French and English. 

Mathematics 3 Under the Sea  From Learn Alberta is na excellent game site that kids can play on.

Math Goodies  this website is designed primarily for students in the 5th through 8th grade; includes lessons, homework help, worksheets, and puzzles.

Math Maven's Mysteries    Students act as math detectives to solve a vareity of math mysteries; includes audio supports and math printables.

Math Play  A collection of online math games for elementary and middle school students addressing knowledge and understanding.  lots of online games.

Multiplication and Division  Practice multiplication and division facts in math in the format of video games.

Primary Games  this site has games that you can play with primary students.

Set A classification and comparing game.

The Kid's Zone  Select "math" and the grade level of choice to produce a set of multiple choice activities.

The Problem Site  Educational games, problems and puzzles.

Sheppard Software  educational math games that cover basic computational games plus rounding integers, fractions, time, measuring, place value and decimals.

Math Playground   hundreds of self-checking math word problems for students in grades 1 to 6.

TVO Kids click on the Math and Science link. SItes are geared to Primary students.

Math Word Problems   Math word problems for Elementary and High School grade levels; includes solutions and videos.

Sudoku  The Daily Suduko for Kids provides a free puzzle every day for the younger SuDoku-er. These puzzles are mainly 6x6 SuDokus with some 4x4 and some easier 9x9 puzzles.

Create a Graph 

Math Movies  A must see site. Games, worksheets, logic puzzles, word problems and amazing math movies.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives a digital library containing Java applets and activities for K - 12 mathematics, organized by strand and grade level (in English, French, Spanish and Chinese)

A Maths Dictionary   An interactive teaching dictionary.

Great Websites for Literacy

Story Online Don't have time to read a book to the kids? This is a website that can take care of story time when time is tight. From the Screen Actor's Guild Foundation, celebrities such as Betty White, Sean Astin and Melissa GIlbert read good quality literature. 

PBS Kids  More than 60 games.

Cookie  This site has a large variety of games that are connected to literacy, numeracy, science and social studies. There are mazes, puzzles and fact games.

BBC for Kids There are many games and interactive activities for beginning readers. The videos on this site are only available to UK users. There are phonics activities, alphabetical order games, grammar and punctuation pursuits and sentence activities. A great site for students aged 6 to 12.

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