MST @ Pearson

MST @ Pearson

The Math, Science, and Technology program at Lester B. Pearson C.I. (MST @ Pearson) has been designed to inspire our students, nurture innovation, and transform how students engage with STEM disciplines. Through experiential learning opportunities like contests and design competitions, hands-on learning opportunities, and post-secondary, community and career connections, students will be encouraged to problem solve and think critically.

Our program is flexible and encourages student choice, allowing students to select either technology based courses or computer science courses in addition to the core courses of the program. The MST @ Pearson will include Experiential Learning Opportunities such as math contests, post-secondary connections, related field trips. skills competitions, and more.


Program Courses

  • Grade 9: Mathematics, Science
  • Grade 10: Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science OR one Technology course 
  • Grade 11: Mathematics, one Science, and either Computer Science OR Technology course
  • Grade 12: one Mathematics and one Science course



  • Science classes will focus on making connections to community and global issues
  • Mathematics classes will focus on rich learning tasks, culturally relevant projects and focus on thinking classroom
  • Computer science courses will be focus on data driven projects where students apply the data analytical skills to tackle real world problems 
  • Tech classes will give students an enriched opportunity for hands-on learning and exploration