About Our School

Percy Williams Junior Public School opened in 1982, and is named after Percy Alfred Williams, a Canadian sprinter who won two gold medals at the1928 Olympics in Amsterdam.The school provides an exemplary, student-centered curriculum for our students and nurtures the personal, social and intellectual growth of each student. Each student is offered a quality educational program to meet individual needs, plus co-curricular activities, school band, choirs, house league sports, various clubs and inter-school sports. Percy Williams Junior Public School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, positive and respectful environment.

Our School Focus

  • to have students acquire the skills to access, organize, reflect upon, respond to a variety of information . to improve student achievement in mathematics and literacy
  • to integrate computer technology into literacy and numeracy
  • to develop effective conflict resolution skills and an environment of responsibility based on the Toronto District School Board's Character Education traits

Staff List 2016-17

Name Section
Ms. M. Kinnear & Ms. H. Fraser J.K./S.K.
Ms. R. St. Louis & Ms. S. Naseem J.K./S.K.
Ms. R. Reaud & Ms. S. Luk J.K./S.K.
 Ms. Thomas  J.K./ S.K.
Ms. N. Ali-Sayed  Gr. 1/2
Mrs. L. Tutchener Gr. 1
Ms. L. Romas Gr. 1/2
Ms. Couch Gr. 2/3
Mr. Black Gr. 2 / 3
Ms. Parsons Gr. 3
Ms. Koh (LTO) Gr. 4 
Ms. Perrin Gr. 4 / 5
Ms. N. Ibrahim Gr. 5 / 6
Mr. L. Liu Gr. 5 / 6
Ms. Kapsas HSP/SP Resource
Mrs. L. James HSP Ed. Assist. (a.m.)
Ms. J. Burrell French/Library
Mrs. E. Vortsman E.S.L./E.L.D. Resource
Mr. R. Langtry Phys. Ed./Health
Ms. E. Lai Music (p.m.)
Ms J. Solomon  Itinerant Music (Band)
Miss Kitty Office Administrator
Mr. P. Gourlie Head Caretaker