Character Development at Rippleton

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Students practice positive character development when it is integrated into routines, expectations, and special events that take place in the classroom, hallways, and playground at Rippleton.

The Roadrunner family knows that when we explicitly focus on building good character within ourselves - whether it is through a book we read, a discussion we have, or an action that we take - it brings becomes part of who we are, and part of how we treat one another in the greater community at large.  

Our Goals: 

  • To develops the whole student so that they contribute to a healthy, safe, and orderly school environment and community
  • To provide high expectations for our own learning and behaviour so teaching and learning can be the focus
  • To ensure that students and teachers alike actively treat everyone with respect
  • To deepen our self-awareness, self-discipline, and understanding, and actively oppose injustice that we see

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Monthly Themes:

These character traits are explored by teachers and students throughout the year in individual classrooms, but will be highlighted here through pictures, art, and poetry. 

Stay tuned!!!!

  • September - Respect
  • October - Responsibility
  • November - Empathy
  • December - Kindness & Caring
  • January - Teamwork
  • February - Fairness
  • March - Honesty
  • April - Cooperation
  • May - Integrity
  • June - Perseverance