Eco Initiatives - Doing our Part!

TDSB is committed to doing their part to help maintain and improve Eco initiatives!

Check out for more information on what is happening across Toronto! 

At Rippleton, we are always looking for ways to:

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HERE are just a few of the initiatives we take on a daily basis at Rippleton!

Boomerang Lunch

Rippleton continues to be Litterless at lunch.

Students and Staff alike are encouraged to bring any/all food items within plastic, reusable, lidded containers. While peels, cores, and other biodegradable materials can be placed into compost bins, anything that is not consumed can go home to be properly disposed of.

On Pizza days, students are asked to bring a reusable plate to enjoy their meal.

Students who eat in the gym are reminded that there is a "liquid bucket" for unconsumed juice, yogurt, or any other liquids at lunch. (These liquids are to be poured into the bucket before putting containers back into bags to go home.)

Students who eat in their classrooms are reminded to do the same, using the sinks in their lunch classrooms to minimize spillage and mess.

Thank you so much for your help with this EcoSchool initiative!

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