Safety and Safe Arrival at Rippleton

Entry and Exit Doors

In an effort to help improve the safety of our students and staff, all of our exterior building doors are locked throughout the school day; students and teachers need to be "buzzed in" from outdoor play and classroom activities in order to enter the school. Parents and other visitors will need to use the same "office" button intercom to contact the front office for permission to access the building. (This button/bell is on the right hand side of both the front and parking lot doors of the school.)  

Student Absence

If you need to report that you child will not be attending school, please call Rippleton's Student Absence Line at 416-395-2810, Option 1 to leave a message. 

Leave a message that includes your child's:

  • first and last name
  • grade level
  • teacher's name
Please call as soon as you know that your child will be absent. When possible, please call the school before 8:00 a.m. on the morning that your child will be away from school so that the classroom attendance can be filled out accordingly, and your child's absence will be noted in the system.  

Entry and Dismissal

Students should be dropped off at their entry/exit doors by 9:08 am so that they can be picked up by their teacher at 9:10 am. Students who do not take the bus or go to childcare will be escorted to their designated entry/exit door at the end of the instructional day at 3:40 pm. 

Unless otherwise advised, they will enter and leave through the same doors every day.  We will ask that you remain outside when picking up your child.  Not only does this reduce the number of unidentified adults in the school, but also allows for each individual child to grow their sense of independence. 

Entry: Kiss n' Ride

Parents who are dropping off their child(ren) in the morning can take advantage of the Kiss n' Ride which takes place at the circular driveway at the front of the school. This will take place from 8:55 am until 9:08 am. Students will be directed to the playground via the paved Kindergarten area at the front of the school. Please ensure that your child is ready to exit the vehicle when it is their turn to do so, as the number of parents using this option can create long line-ups.

Teachers on Duty

Teachers are on duty outside on the paved back area from 8:55 am until 9:10 am every school day. They will be there to help ensure the safety of your child as they are waiting for school to begin. Teachers will be wearing a bright orange/yellow vest so that they are easily identified by students and parents alike.  

A teacher will also be on duty from 3:40 pm until 3:55 pm to handover students who have not immediately been picked up by their guardians. Students who are not picked up by that time will be brought into the office, and phone the guardians responsible for picking them up.