Code of Conduct

Secord Code of Conduct


We Build Positive School Culture by:

  • Reviewing the School Code of Conduct
  • Character Education and Recognition assemblies and in-class activities
  • Teaching and modelling specific expectations and behaviours

We are very proud of our Code of Conduct created with students in 2019-2020.


  • respect the diversity of all staff and students
  • respect all school property, personal property, the belongings and personal space of other


  • take responsibility for our actions and words


  • show empathy by being aware of the impact of our actions and words on others

Kindness and Caring

  • are friendly, considerate and ready to help others


  • listen to others and are considerate of their ideas when working together


  • treat everyone fairly based on their needs, give them a chance to participate and feel included


  • always tell the truth even when it is difficult


  • work together by offering our ideas and taking turns


  • do the right thing even when no one is watching


  • come to school everyday, ready to learn and always prepared to do our best and never give up

Progressive Discipline at Secord


Classroom Level

  • Classroom consequences for inappropriate behaviour (e.g., warnings, think sheet, trying again, chance to fix the behaviour (apologize, clean up mess, etc.), separation from group, detention, loss of privilege, etc. )
  • Communicate with parents (parental input/team approach)
  • Behaviour contract for ongoing issues
  • Referral to office

Administrator Level

  • Administrator speaks to student and states expectations for behaviour
  • Think sheet completed by student and sent home to be signed by parent and returned
  • Office detention
  • Behaviour contract
  • Call parent and review code of conduct with student and parent
  • Meeting with parent, teacher and student (if necessary) 
  • Behaviour support meeting with teacher, support staff, administration
  • Family referral for outside support (e.g., social work, psychology, pediatrician, community agencies)
  • Suspension
  • Possible referral for expulsion hearing


Image of Code of Conduct