School Improvement

Several times throughout the school year teachers meet to examine and understand data from EQAO tests and the DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment for primary students) and CASI (for junior students) tests, and then, plan literacy and numeracy activities for the students designed to target areas of need. 

Teachers also choose resources (books, media, poetry, articles) and plan in their divisions (primary and junior) how to optimally use the texts. There is considerable evidence that assessment, when practised effectively, can improve student learning (Black & Wiliam, 1998). One of the most powerful research-based strategies for linking assessment to improved instructional practice is teacher moderation. This process involves educators in a collaborative discussion of student work based on predetermined assessment criteria.(from Ontario Literacy and Numeracy Secretariate - Capacity Building Series, Sept. 2007)

This school year we will work together to write our School Improvement Plan.

Our School Improvement Plan will focus on three areas:  Achievement, Equity, and Well Being.