About Us

SOLE Alternative is an inclusive, student-centered community focused on learning through flexible, innovative and experiential practices that incorporate social justice, equity, and diversity.

SOLE is a unique program. We have regular classes four days a week, with Wednesdays reserved for school-wide activities, workshops, field trips, credit recovery, and more! We recognize that students have various commitments and challenges, and we do our best to accommodate work, family, and health issues. We also have an amazing nutrition program to fuel your learning!

We are a fully physically accessible location, with an elevator and accessible washroom.

School of Life Experience (GR. 11-12)

The Only Way to Learn
Grades: 11-12
Approx. Enrolment: 113

School of Life Experience is a small alternative school that offers a 
different approach to secondary school education for students who are 
committed to learning excellence.  Our specialized timetable and range 
of courses is available for students from Grade 11 - 12 who are at least 
16 years old.  We provide a caring atmosphere in a supportive, 
community environment.
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Phone:(416) 393-0756
Fax:(416) 393-0768
Address:1 Hanson St, Toronto, ON, M4J 1G6
Principal:Amalia Pallas
Vice-Principal(s):Sonam Matho
Timothy Seabrook
Office Staff:Debbie Andrew-Murphy
School Council Chair(s):Vacant
Superintendent:Belinda Longe
Learning Network:LN23
Trustee:Sara Ehrhardt
Ward:Ward 15