“SOLE is a place that truly makes learning stress free. Our teachers are more relaxed with due dates. We offer volunteer hours, dual credits, and DAILY SNACKS! We hold fun events like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas lunches! But most importantly, we are an AMAZING TEAM that cares about one another.” – Adib, SOLE graduate

Sole Testimonial

“School has always been a place I dreaded going to. That was until I transferred to SOLE. I have absolutely zero complaints about the school at all. Incredible teachers, good food and a good group of students. Waking up on a school day a year ago was a chore but now it’s something I love doing!” – Josh, SOLE student

“[SOLE] has been a life saver. At the end of the school year last year, we were in full stress/anxiety mode, depression, ADHD overwhelm and a mountain of work piled on in online classroom settings.

This grade 11 year he made huge gains. He had almost a dedicated math teacher (1 of 2 students), he thrived. He had astonishingly good grades in all his classes (and the one he didn’t was due to work not finished – not everything is roses all the time). With the much smaller teacher to kid ratio, I hoped [my son] could dig out from 4 years of being under-educated due to illness, and schools not meeting his needs as a neuro-divergent learner. So far it’s been transformational. SOLE was developed as a school for kids that needed flexible study options due to sports (gamers and athletes), performance (actors, singers), or health reasons (chronic conditions). They had shorter/condensed classes, no classes on Fridays. There is a distinctly arts/social justice focus as well.” – Connie, parent of a SOLE student

“My first week at SOLE was very eventful and welcoming. It was incredibly exciting for me to begin a new story, to have a fresh start. I knew going in that I had a lot of catching up to do since I transferred late. I am extremely thankful for being able to attend this school despite applying much later than most other students. The [guidance counsellor] Karin did an amazing job of explaining the school dynamics and made me feel comfortable and at home. The school itself is very small and navigable which makes going from class to class very easy and the student lounge is of a much higher quality than my previous school’s lounge. The Thanksgiving lunch was a great icebreaker and allowed new students to socialize with one another. The teachers at SOLE are incredibly helpful and care passionately for the wellbeing of their classes with such fervour the likes of which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Overall the small population allows for a stress-free learning environment full of intricate relations school-wide.” – G., SOLE student

“I’m so grateful for all the help and encouragement SOLE gave [my son]. When he really needed someone to believe that he had a future to look forward to, you were there suggesting options and making new directions open up.” – Leslie, parent of a former SOLE student