COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Topcliff Public School

Terry Fox Run




Topcliff students, grades kindergarten - grade 5 love to learn about, support and celebrate Terry Fox's determination and hard work as he raised money to support cancer research.  A beautiful autumn day as we ran, walked together!

Fall Holidays


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For updated information regarding COVID-19 please visit:  School Information for Parents and Caregivers.


Daily Physical Activity and Zumba Fun

Celebrating a successful first week back to In-School Learning with some physical exercises and dancing outside in the warm weather.  Our students are loving being back to school with their friends and teachers.




Return to In-School Information

Please read the attached letter that was sent to all parents by email.  The letter includes important information and safety procedures that are being followed as we prepare to have all staff and students safely return to In-School Learning: /Portals/topcliff/docs/returnTopcliff%20Public%20School.pdf.

Food for Kids Program

We know that the closure of schools has been difficult for many families, especially those who rely on school-based Student Nutrition Programs. The TDSB and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success have teamed up to provide families at your school with $50 grocery store food cards (one per TDSB student). If your family would benefit from this card, please complete the registration form online.
Online Registration Form

Extended Learning Down By the Ravine

wigwam 2wigwam  

Ms. Egan's junior class exploring the ravine in our community and experimenting first-hand how Indigenous communities would rely on the environment for various aspects of their lives, including building shelter. 

Family STEM Night

Family STEM Night at Topcliff was an exciting event for students and parents alike!  Students learned about coding, technology, critical thinking and how to work as a team.  Great work Topcliff!

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Topcliff EcoSchools Club

Our dedicated Topcliff EcoSchools Club has been working throughout the school year on various initiatives to increase our community's awareness for the environment.  The club has successfully implemented a recycling program called "Take Down Thursdays", completed an energy survey, participated in a community clean-up with Councillor Perruzza and is bringing awareness to students about the importance of walking or biking to school each day.  Thank-you Ms. Dan and Mr. Robertson for supporting this important student club.               

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At Topcliff, students and staff are learning about how the brain can control our emotions of stress and anxiety.  By practicing mindful breathing, we can reduce our stress and make better decisions when there is a problem.  Together, we are learning how to solve problems peacefully.


Talking About Math

Our kindergarten students are working hard to talk about math and show their mathematical thinking!


School Yard Clean Up

Topcliff students showing pride for their school by participating in our annual school-yard cleanup!

children children

Family Math Night at Topcliff

Topcliff's Family Math Night was a huge success!  We had almost 100 families join us for an evening of fun math activities.  The main goal was to show families how classroom math learning can be extended into the home by simply using everyday household items.  Together, we are helping our students' develop their math thinking, communication and overall skills.

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