Extended Learning Down By the Ravine

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Ms. Egan's junior class exploring the ravine in our community and experimenting first-hand how Indigenous communities would rely on the environment for various aspects of their lives, including building shelter. 

Family STEM Night

Family STEM Night at Topcliff was an exciting event for students and parents alike!  Students learned about coding, technology, critical thinking and how to work as a team.  Great work Topcliff!

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Kindergarten Inquiry

Topcliff kindergarten classes are creating learning opportunities through inquiry.  Ms. Lam's class is exploring different topics about the environment and based on student interest, they have zoomed in on seeds and plants.  Students are reading, writing, talking about, observing and experimenting with different seeds and plants. 

What great exploration!

boy drawing plant children observing plants boy looking at pinecone pinecones


Topcliff EcoSchools Club

Our dedicated Topcliff EcoSchools Club has been working throughout the school year on various initiatives to increase our community's awareness for the environment.  The club has successfully implemented a recycling program called "Take Down Thursdays", completed an energy survey, participated in a community clean-up with Councillor Perruzza and is bringing awareness to students about the importance of walking or biking to school each day.  Thank-you Ms. Dan and Mr. Robertson for supporting this important student club.               



At Topcliff, students and staff are learning about how the brain can control our emotions of stress and anxiety.  By practicing mindful breathing, we can reduce our stress and make better decisions when there is a problem.  Together, we are learning how to solve problems peacefully.

Talking About Math

Our kindergarten students are working hard to talk about math and show their mathematical thinking!

"Say Something" -Antibullying at Topcliff

During the week of November 16th, students and teachers focused on anti-bullying and participated in various activities to teach students how to stand-up against bullying.  As a school community, we read "Say Something" by Peggy Moss and created a school-wide graffiti wall to show all the different actions we can take to prevent bullying.


School Yard Clean Up

Topcliff students showing pride for their school by participating in our annual school-yard cleanup!


Family Math Night at Topcliff

Topcliff's Family Math Night was a huge success!  We had almost 100 families join us for an evening of fun math activities.  The main goal was to show families how classroom math learning can be extended into the home by simply using everyday household items.  Together, we are helping our students' develop their math thinking, communication and overall skills.


Let's Have Fun Reading!

On May 27th, 2014, the Literacy Committee and 10 Topcliff students visited Indigo Book Store at Yorkdale Mall.  We learned that we have won $106,000 from Indigo's Love of Reading Foundation.  Over the next three years, we will be replenishing our school and classroom libraries with new culturally relevant reading materials for our boys and girls.  Topcliff is committed in our effort to ensure that every child loves reading and develops strong literacy skills so that they can be successful in all curriculum areas.  Thank-you Indigo!!