Staff and Classes

Office Staff

Principal Ms. E.R. Hollingsworth-Moffitt

Office-Administrator Ms.  N. Meechan
Secretary TBA

Caretaking Staff

Chief Caretaker Mr. Clem
Evening Caretaker TBA

Classroom Teachers

JK/SK  Ms. Phillips & Ms. Mohideen
JK/SK  Ms. Nakagawa & Ms. P
JK/SK  Ms. Gorochko
JK/SK Ms. Violot & Ms. Raj
Grade 1 Ms. Eadie
Grade 1/2 Mr. Spurles
Grade 2 Ms. Andre
Grade 2/3 Ms. Katsavelos (on leave) Ms. Vijayakumar
Grade 2/3 Ms. Vardouniotis
Grade 3/4 Ms. Bambah
Grade 4/5 Ms. Pesad
Grade 4/5 Ms. Barkic
Grade 5/6 (HSP Inclusion) Ms. Aprile (P.O.R.)
Grade 6 Ms. McIlroy

Support and Programs

Physical Education/Health  Mr. Alexopoulous
French Mr. Andrews
Arts (Music, Drama, Dance) & Special Education Mr. Holker
ESL & Library Ms. De Melo (P.O.R.)
Special Needs Assistant Laurie Ford

Lunchroom Supervisors

Mrs. Angelevski (Ms. A)
  Mrs. Antonio
  Mrs. Blair-Grant (Margaret)
  Mrs. S. Bashir
  Mrs. Mursheeda (Ms. M)