Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Walter Perry Website!

Welcome to all the students and families new to the Walter Perry Junior Public School community. The Walter Perry staff also welcomes back all the returning students and their families. 

Although summer seems like the distant past at this point, we hope everyone had a great break. We are back into the full swing of school here at Walter Perry and have had a fantastic start. We are continuing to foster a positive school climate where we are focusing on leaving a trail of kindness wherever we go. The students have done an incredible job meeting the high expectations we have set.  

We have already had many sports teams and events and Walter Perry continues to be a busy place for extra curricular activities. 

Safety continues to be our top priority. We would like to remind parents about safe driving around the school area and the importance of following the signage posted. 

If you need to sign your child out before the end of the day we ask that you come into the building and sign them out. We cannot allow children to leave the building without an adult’s signature (over 18 years of age) . We also ask that you avoid signing students out between 2:50 pm and 3:00 pm. Not only is the office is very busy, but it is also the time for our afternoon announcements and it can be challenging to page students during this time. 

Thank you! 

Ms. Hollingsworth-Moffitt