School Year 2019-2020

*New* Online Permission Forms
Permission forms signed at the beginning of each school year are now online and will be sent electronically to your email address once your child attends school.  You can also access them at 




Volunteering at Davis

We have a vibrant number of volunteers who support student learning. Special thanks are sent to our many new and returning volunteers who have gone through the process to provide a criminal background check. If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved with our School Council, please contact the school at 416-396-6650. Ms. Remani, will be able to provide you with all the necessary information to become a volunteer at William G. Davis.


School Security and Parking

*NEW NO LEFT TURN SIGNS AT THE END OF OUR DRIVE-THRU - Please note the City has imposed a no left turn rule at the exit of our driveway.  This is for the safety of those using the Crosswalk.  Please obey the new signage.  

There should be no adults, who are not staff members, in the school building without first signing in at the office.  This means that if you drop your child off at school, please say goodbye to him/her in the school yard.  Parents or other adults are not allowed in the hallways before or after school.

If you would like to speak to your child’s teacher, please call the office to make an appointment.  If you need to pick up your child for an appointment, please go to the office and your child will be called down.  You will also need to sign out your child out. At the end of the day, students will exit the building through their designated dismissal door, not the front door.  Please arrange a suitable location to meet your child outside the school building.

All schools in the TDSB now have a buzzer entry system at the front door.  This means that our front door is locked at all times.  If you need to gain entry to the school, please push the button on the wall near the door.  One of our office staff will speak to you through the intercom and/or then unlock the door via a remote release.  We fear that this may seem unwelcoming but this is simply a measure that has been implemented in all schools to better ensure the safety of our students.  We appreciate your understanding.

Parking is always a difficult thing especially at our school when we have such few spots.  As a community school it is my hope that most children are able to walk to school however, I know this is not always possible. We will continue with the parking policy that has been created in partnership with Parent Council. For students in grades 1-6 the kiss and ride drop off will be used. For parents of kindergarten students, we ask that you park on a side street so that you may walk you child to their designated classroom entrance. I ask that parents and guardians do not park in the school parking lot during entry and exit times as these spaces are need by teaching and support staff, volunteers, and professional support services working in the school.

Recognizing Birthdays:

Parents as you know our school is NUT free and we do not allow students to bring food from home to share with friends (i.e. cupcakes, cookies, etc.).  At times, parents have chosen to send with their child, in celebration of the child's birthday, a small loot bag/trinket to share with their class.

As a school we would like to propose an alternative that we feel will be more long lasting.  If parents wish to recognize their child's birthday we suggest a $15-20 donation to our school library for the purchase of a book.  The book when received will have a sticker placed in it noting the birthday of the child.  The child will then be able to take the book out first and have a friend/teacher read it to them and the class.

Medications at School

Medications at School-Reminder to Parents

TDSB Policy requires that staff are able to administer medications only if the appropriate documents have been provided by a physician. For parents, this can be an inconvenience if you have already visited your doctor’s office. If you think your child may require medication following a doctor’s appointment (antibiotics, inhaler etc) you may bring a copy of the two page form 536A included here and have your doctor complete and sign the form. With this form, staff are legally able to administer the medication.