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  Earl Grey Home & School Association


Recently students were given a letter to take home to parents outlining Earl Grey's Direct Donation Drive that is a fundraising initiative for this year (a copy of the letter and donation form can be found by clicking here).  The school needs to raise $10,000.00 to update and/or replace technology and for other needs described below.   We ask that our parents support Earl Grey in this fundraising initiative that takes place until April 30th. 

 Your donations will be used to address the following areas, with consultation from both parents and staff:

  • Purchase 45 Google Chromebooks and 1 Charging cart

  • Upgrade 30 classroom desktop computers

  • Purchase 5 mobile Elmo data projectors

  • Field trip bursaries for families in need

  • Props and costumes for the upcoming Earl Grey school musical

Please drop off any donation application and envelope to the Main Office.  We appreciate all the support from our wonderful Earl Grey School Community.


There will be no food or beverages sold on Friday April 29th at lunch.  The cafeteria will still b e open at lunch for students to eat their own lunch.  The rest of the lunch routine will be the same.  It is just the "store" portion of the cafeteria that will be closed.

 Danforth Tech Challenge!!!

Congratulations to the 19 students that attended yesterdays Danforth Tech Challenge!. Well done to all competitors. Special recognition goes to our winners for auto mechanics,cooking and multimedia.and to our 1st place winner for the awesome Speedboat with a record breaking 6 second win!!!

Gauss Math Competition:

Attention: Math enthusiasts. The annual Gauss math competition will be upon us in exactly one month. If you are interested in taking part this year, please see a math teacher. Medals and certificates are up for grabs. Practices sessions will begin soon, stay tuned.

Early Grey would also like to congratulate Jordan and Jackie for qualifying for the
Ontario Math Olympiad, which will take place in May. Good luck to both!.

Please click on the link below for more information about  the Human Development and Sexual Health curriculum, 


Eco School 

Remember........everyday is Earth Day.......

Please compost in lunchroom!!!!

Did you know research shows canada could get all its energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar? No fossil fuels needed. No nuclear energy needes. Remember, its EARTH HOUR every hour, everyday!!

Grade 8 - Quebec City Trip:

For all grade 8 students interested in attending the end of the year trip to Quebec city, the deadline for submission of the forms and the first installment of payment has been extended from March 2 to another week. Please return the completed form to either Mme Noda or Mr. Brooks as soon as possible.

Ms.Domenico - Guidance:  

  Important information for grade 8 families:

As a reminder, please note that any application to a secondary school is considered to be a pre-registration and acceptance is dependent upon successful completion of the grade 8 program. Recommendations reflect a profile of the student’s academic achievements to date.  Keep encouraging your child to work diligently.  Be involved in this process.  Discuss options and future plans with your son/daughter.  Let them know you are there to help them with these most important decisions.

 Again, please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have at

Student Parliament: Mental Health Week

May 2 to 6, 2016

Next week is Mental Health Week. We are having a week full of fun activities! Do not forget to sign up for  No Electronics event with the incentive of no homework!!

There are activities planned for every lunch. For example, yoga on Wednesday.

A list of all the activities will be posted on the Sports Board. If you are interested in participating you can pick up a form in Room 206.

               Yearbook photos   


   April 28: During period 1, Mme Leveille will be taking the following photos for the yearbook: Choir, Student Parliament, Cross-Country, and both Boys and Girls Soccer.  Please be present for the photos. There will be no retakes.

                                                        Jump Rope for Heart

I hope everyone is having a blast jumping for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Remember that the fundraising event is still continuing this week and I hope all of you are helping raise money for this great cause. Donations will be collected next Monday, May 2nd.

Before and After School Activities


Mme Leveille

Your Spring Dance and Activity afternoon will take place Friday, May 6th of next week.  Grade 8 students, this is your LAST DANCE at Earl Grey!  Don't miss it!  Tickets go on sale Monday morning in the foyer beginning at 8:30.  Tickets are $5.00. Student credit slips are accepted.

Smash Bros Club

All super smash bros club members will meet today at lunch

Do you want smash for your own glory or are you a casual button masher? Does not matter. come join the Smash Bros club starting today. and every wednesday at lunch. Tournaments lead to prizes. Sign up in front of room 303 which is also where it will be taking place. The club is limited to the first 16 students who sign up.

Ms. Miller - Animal Club: 

April 8

- Animal club is collecting empty milk or cream cartons and bird food to make bird feeders. Please donate any empty milk/cream cartons and bird food to room 302

Is your mascara killing Orangutans???? Companies like Loreal have not stopped using Palm oil. Stop the use of Palm oil. Join us on Artsnight #power is in your palm.

Thank you to everyone for your help in raising money for our local humane society

We raised over $200.00!!  from the bake sales. Thanks for all your donations of pet foods, blankets toys...... We will be dropping them off today!


Ms. Loughnane - Library

Community Clean Up

Thank you to everyone who was able to get out for the Community Clean Up!

Please help keep Kempton Howard Park clean, and remember to recycle and compost in the lunch room!! Remember we only have ONE Earth :)!!



Mr. Gaghadar/Ms Vidovic - Girls Grade 7 and 8 Soccer:

Grade 8 Girls soccer team has a practice on Monday, May 2nd, at 7:00 am and at 3:00 pm.

Mr Smith - Grade 8 Boys Soccer:

April 25: Grade 8 boys - We will be practising every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Please always come prepared to practise. Please see Mr. Smith if you have questions!

Any girls interested in trying out for the school girls soccer team should get a form before the tryouts begin. 

Gr. 7's can get a form from Ms.Vidovic in room 305


Mme Noda - Track and Field

Spring has sprung: For all students interested in a track or field event, you must pick up a permission form from Mme Noda in room 205 and have it returned before tryouts start.

MAY 2 -  Final 400m and 800m tryouts on Monday morning, May 2nd, at 8:00 am. Boys and Girls in grades 7 and 8. Be on time!

There will be a final tryout for 500m and 200m on Tuesday and Thursday morning, April 26 & 28, at 8:00 a.m.

Tuesday and Friday morning will be relay tryouts.

APRIL 27 -

RUNNING LONG JUMP AND TRIPLE JUMP - second and final tryouts this Thursday after school at 3:15 pm

SHOT PUT TRYOUTS - begin this Thursday after school.  Any student interested in trying out should meet Ms. Loughnane at the baseball diamond at 3:15.  Please make sure you have a signed permission form given to Ms. Noda.

All badminton team members and grade 7 coed volleyball team members need to check the schedule on the Earl Grey Athletics board for this weeks practices.

Gr.7 Badminton:

Congratulations are in order to the grade 7 badminton team. They played very well in their tournament and have a semi final game next week!


Boys Basketball:



April 28 - Tryouts are postponed to next week. Please check the EG Athletics Board for schedule information.


Boys Volleyball - Grade 7/8:

April 14 - Gr. 7 Coed Volleyball

A big shout out to the Gr.7 Coed Volleyball team. They lost a very close Conference Final to Deer Park. Thanks for representing our school so well.


Ms. Loughnane/Ms Fotiadis:

Grade 7 girls Volleyball:

Congratulations! to the grade 7 girls volleyball team for a fantastic season. The girlsfinished their season yesterday losing the conference semi finals in a very competitive game against Winona. Ms. Loughnane and Mr. Schuler want to recognize and thank all the firls for their hard work and dedication this season.



Mr. Cappel/Mme Deemac/Ms. Vernon-baker -"The Musical"


Friday, April 29 - Lunch rehearsal for Scene 9 including Hakuna Matata. All plants and animals are required for this rehearsal plus Timon, Pumba, and both Simbas.

Monday, April 25 - Two rehearsals for the Lion King.

The rehearsal at lunch is for the leads in scene 12. After school we'll rehearse the choreography for Can You Feel the Love Tonight, He Lives in You and They Live in You.

Are you interested in creating the backdrops for this year's musical? If you would like to help draw and paint the backdrops and props for musical, please submit your ideas by Monday Jan 11th, to Mme Deemac. If you are interested and have not talked to Mme Deemac about it, then please go to see her in room 301.

Dont forget to practice, practice, practice.!!!

The Lion King musical needs beautiful costumes. Can you help. The first meeting of costume design is this thusday Jan 14 at lunchtime in room 106. 

Mr.Cappel - Choir

Choir members, please check your TDSB email addresses for links to *youtube* videos of Arts night performances

Thanks to all choir members for a great 2016 singing season. All choir members should check their board email over the next few days for sound and video files from Arts night.

Mme Leveille:Beading club:

Chess Club: Mr. Gaghadar

April 7 -  The final chess club meeting is today at lunch. All players are welcome

April 6 - Congratulations to the Earl Grey Chess team who place 3rd in the Conference Tournament yesterday. The team was successful against players from Birchcliff and First Nations, and narrowly missed qualifying for the city finals. Last meeting of the chess club is tomorrow at lunch.


Ms.Fotiadis/Ms. Franklin - Cooking club:

April 12: Students signed up for the second session of cooking club must  pick up a form from Ms. Fotiadis in room 204 after school. First class on thursday April 14th.

 If you are interested in cooking, yummy delicious snacks and meals, make sure to sign up today in room 204 at lunchtime.If you signed up, you must attend, today after school in room 204. The meeting is mandatory and attendance will be taken.


Swim Team:

April 28 - ALL forms and money must be handed in by the end of the day today. No More Extensions!




Dental Screening:

April 25th - 28th, 2016



May 16th, 2016 

Gr. 7 - 2nd dose of Hep B
Gr. 8 - 2nd dose of HPV


Glen Bernard Camp:

June 20th - 23, 2016

Quebec Trip:

June 20th - 22nd, 2016

Grade 8 - Graduation:

Monday June 27th, 2016

School Council meetings

6:30 to 8:00 PM

In the Library (2nd Floor)

May 19th, 2016 (new)

June 14th, 2016

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