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Ms.Vernon-Baker - Brock Trip:

This is a call to all Grade 8"s attending the year end trip to Brock. Your last payment is due the last week of April, to Ms VernonBaker, in the school foyer. She will be there every morning before the bell to collect your final payment. This info is also posted on the Student Info board outside the gym.If you know you will be absent that week or can no longer go to Brock, you must notify Ms. Vernon Baker now.

Hello from the School Council,

It’s hard to believe there are only three months left of the school year, and for half the students and families, we will be moving on to high school.

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the school, the students and the staff on an incredible Music Night. For all of you who attended in March, we are sure you were as much in awe as we were about the incredible talent and the opportunities the teachers have provided for our children to shine in so many different ways.   We wish the grade 6 students, who were deciding on which school to select for middle school, had an opportunity to see the show.  It would certainly cement Earl Grey, as their school of choice.

 We would also like to congratulate all of the grade 8 students and their teachers on an amazing Grade 8 market in February.  Too often we are busy with our lives and are not able to take the time to reflect and “smell the roses”.   The market was an amazing venture which, once again, provided the opportunity for all students to be creative, to learn about business and to show off their talents.   We believe we speak for Grade 8 parents who were speechless, observing the skills our children have; that we may not see at home.   In case you missed it, we have included the link for the Toronto Star article which featured the Earl Grey Market.

 There continues to be all kinds of activities for students to be involved in this term. The School Council is focusing on raising money to support year-end activities and equipment for the classrooms. Students will all participate in the fundraising.  Classes will be holding bake sales to raise money for year-end activities.  Monies raised will support students who need financial assistance to participate in school activities, including graduation fun, school trips and in class school activities. A portion of the money raised last year paid for Eric Walters, the author, who held a workshop for all students last month.

Another Music Night will be held on the evening of Thursday, May 29th. We will be holding a Silent Auction during the evening and selling food and goodies.  

We need YOUR HELP collecting items for our SILENT AUCTION. Many of you work at businesses that may be able to contribute an item or activity. Alternatively, please ask a local business that you know to contribute an item or activity.


Please email Paul Woodman at

   if you have an item to contribute.  Although the event is 6 weeks away, there is a great deal to organize.


Feel free to contact me directly if you have any suggestions, questions or if you would like to volunteer.


On behalf of the School Council,

Michelle Duncan


Calling all artists!

Earl grey's yearbook and agenda cover contest is here. Your drawing or painting must be of an eagle and it must be in colour. No words or logos are permitted. It must be on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Please submit your entries to Mme Leveille in room 308. The  dealine is Friday april 25th, less than 1 month away.

Heart and Stroke:

Please make sure you bring in all the sponsor sheets and money for Jump rope for the Heart by April 17th. This is the last day. You need to submit everything sealed to Ms. Caraiscos or Mr. Schuler.  Laura Stewart will be coming in to pick them up at the end of the  day on april 17th.

We hope you are all fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. You can do so online or using the sponsor sheet that you received after the assembly. Please do not go door to door! Make sure your parents are involved. All sponsor sheets and monies need to come in by April 17th.

Exercising  increases your brain power and helps  you focus! Practice jumping rope for our event day .
Did you know that your heart beats about 100,000 times each day? That's almost 70 beats a minute! Don"t forget to practice jumping for our Jump Rope for Heart event on April 7th - April 18th,2014.
Want to win an Ipad Mini? Just raise $14 to be entered in the Jump Rope for Heart Grand Prize Draw for an Ipad Mini. The more you raise the more chances you have to win.

Grade 8 Boat Cruise:

The final final due date for Boat Cruise forms and money will be friday April 4th. There are more forms in the office. Hand money to Ms. Miller or Ms. Te.

Attention Campers:

Grade 7 students:15/04/14
Last call for Camp - there are still a few spots left , pick up an application from the office today.!!!!!

Please click on the link below to see our wonderful flyer for the FTC handbags

Homemade Handbags



Ms. Te - Library 


New EG library hours .
We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays/Thursday during lunch.If you plan to spend your lunch in the library, please meet Ms.Te in the lobby at later.

Strings - Mr. Harry:


Cooking Club:

The cooking club list is ready and up on room 107. Our first club will start April 17.

Jewelry Club - Mme Leveille

The jewellery club will be meeting after school today..



Knitting Club:



Sewing and Crafts - Ms.Franklin




Gym classes:


Grade 7 - Starting next wekk, all grade 7"s need to bring their running shoes to gym class as well as their health duotang. we will start each class with a 5 minute skipping warm-up in support of Jump rope for the Heart.
Grade 8 - starting next week, we will begin each class with a skipping warm up in support of Jump rope for the Heart, We will begin the Ball hockey unit after. Be prepared with all your gym gear.

Girls' Hockey Team

This announcement is in recognition of our girls Hockey team who played in a tournament on tues Mar 25. some of the students played hockey for the first time ever. Our team won 2 games and lost 2 games.Congratulation Team!!!
You must have the signed tryout form handed in to your homeroom teacher to participate in any sport activities


Grade 7 & 8 Co-Ed Volleyball:

Grade 7:Volleyball
Congrats to the Gr. 7 coed volleyball team for their impressive tournament win. They won 6 sets and lost none to advance to the playoffs. Great Job team!

Grade 8: Co-ed Volleyball.
Lets congratulate our Gr. 8 Coed volleyball team for good volleyball and taking EG to the semi-finals. After putting up a tough fight against Hodgson, they ended up losing by a few points. Congratulations team - We are proud of you!

The girls volleyball and the boys basketball teams need to return their washed uniforms to Ms. Cqaraiscos right away. They are now past due. If they are not returned promptly, you will have to pay the replacement fee of $60.00. Also return the knee pads you borrowed.

You still need to return your washed uniforms to Ms. Caraiscos. There were due back a week after the season was over. Please return them immediately.


 Mr.Schuler/Ms Caraiscos - Badminton

Congratulation to the grade 8 badminton team. They finished 2nd in their tournament and have advanced to the playoffs next week.

Ping Pong

We had a heated Doubles Ping Pong tournament during our activity afternoon. In thrid place, we have William and Samad, in second place we have Jonah and Isaac, and congratulations to Finn and Thomas, our first place winners.

Please bring your completed tryout form with you to the tryout. Tryout forms are in a bin in the office.No form, No tryout!

Track and Field:


Mr. Brooks -1500 m Run
Second try out for 1500 m run is this thursday april 17 at 8:00 a.m

Mr. Chuang - Track and Field
All students interested in trying out for triple jump or long jump, please sign up outside room 310. You must be on the list to try out. You cannot sign up on the day of. See Mr. Chuang if you have questions.


Gr 7 & 8 Girls Soccer

Girls Grade 7  tryout has been changed to Wed April 9th at 7:45 a.m.
So no tryouts on tuesday,

You must have a signed form to tryout.
The next grade 8 boys soccer tryout will be Wednesday April 16th at 3:15 p.m OUTSIDE. Please dress for the weather.

Grade 8 girls tryouts continue Tuesday morning at 7:45 on the back field. Rain or Shire.

Girls Soccer Matches:
May 5th - Earl Grey at Westwood.
May 8th  - Earl Grey at GA Brown
May 12 - Earl Grey at Cosburn
MaY 14 Earl Grey at Deer Park
May 22 Conference finals.


Mr. Smith - Grade 8 Boys Soccer team:

Ms Johnston/Ms Chiu - Pool 

You must bring you permission forms to the tryout!

Congratulations to class 82 for winning the water volleyball challenge with a total of 159 vollies. also congratulations to class 78 for winning the water volleyball challenge with a total of 52 vollies. Well done!

Swim Team:

Congratulations! to all swim-team members for a GREAT swim meet yesterday.
All members represented Earl Grey with enthusiasm and outstanding skill. We are so proud of all of you. A special Thanks to Mr Schuler for his support. We are looking forward to the City Finals on Apil 17th.



Heart and Stroke Foundation

Jump Rope for Heart event on April 7th - April 18th, 2014

**Musical Play**

 May 29th, 2014 -
**** little Mermaid*****


Grade 8's Boat Cruise

June 23rd, 2014.




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Parent Council meetings

April 23rd, 2014

May 21st, 2014

June 11th, 2014

E.G Sac Minutes
Earl Grey SAC Minutes - November 20 2013.
Earl Grey SAC Minutes - January 15 2014.

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