Our Mission

Earl Grey Senior Public School

Our School's Vision

The Earl Grey community puts students first, providing a safe, respectful and welcoming environment that supports them in their personal growth to become life-long learners and develop their potential as responsible members of our school and society.

About Us

As a senior school, we specialize in young adolescent learners and their academic, physical and social-emotional needs. Our greatest asset is our student population, a richly diverse group full of energy, ideas, creativity, knowledge and aspirations. At Earl Grey, we have high expectations for our students and work hard to deliver a challenging academic program where teachers specialize in curriculum areas.

What we believe in

We believe that school is practice for life so we teach and expect good character from our students. We also believe all students can learn and work to develop self-confidence and self-advocacy in our students as we understand and accommodate their needs. The two years students spend at Earl Grey are critical to their growth and development, both academically and socially.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with our families to make students' two years here the best possible

Our Values

To achieve our goal, we value:

  • each and every student;
  • a strong public education system;
  • a partnership of students, schools, family and community;
  • the uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community;
  • the commitment and skills of our staff;
  • equity, innovation, accountability and accessibility; and
  • a safe, nurturing, positive and respectful learning environment

Our web site is one way we can share and demonstrate these values and achieve our goal. Click on the menu items to find out more about our school, resources available to students and parents and general information about what's happening at Earl Grey. Please visit often!