TDSB's Safe Arrival Program

SAFE ARRIVAL # 1-833-250-2290

Download the SchoolMessenger App from Google Play Store or Apple Store 

Please remember to report absences or late arrivals if your child is going to be away from school or late to school. You may call 24 hours a day and follow the prompts or report absences via the SchoolMessenger App.  The school must know when your child will not be at school or arriving late. It is our duty and responsibility to keep children safe. Reporting absences ahead of time will help our office staff with this task. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep children safe. 


Automated Safe Arrival System 

Our school has an automated Safe Arrival program.  If you do not report absences or late arrivals, prior to 9 a.m. our system will call you.  When you get this call, please listen to the message and follow the prompts to let us know the reason your child is away or late.  If you do not follow this process, the system will call you three times in the morning, three times at lunch, and three times after school. Listening to the message and following the prompts is the only way to stop this process once it has begun. Please acknowledge the message, as this helps us know your child is safe.